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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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For Elsa Kehoe, the world is her runway

Elsa Kehoe
A photo of Elsa Kehoe in an outfit she loves on the beach.

An unforgettable moment surrounded by laughter dancing through the air and smiles painted on faces, all while dressed in a glinting gown—senior Elsa Kehoe’s homecoming night was not one to forget.

It was more than just the time shared with her friends that stood out in her memory of that night but the enchanting outfit she put together for it as well.

“My homecoming outfit [is one of my favorite outfits of mine],” Elsa said. “I loved my shoes; they are my favorite thing in the world. They are these really cute pink Kate Spade heels with bows on them that were so cute and that I loved. Then, I had my little shawl; I think accessories are so important, and people overlook them so much.”

Each one of Elsa’s striking outfits is curated with meticulous care—each piece of clothing, from the main centerpiece that makes a statement to all to the small accessories that add those finishing touches, is planned with thought and intention.

Although each of her outfits stands out on its own, it is not without a little bit of help: the inspiration she gathers from all across the world.

“Every season, I watch all of the shows that come out for the major fashion houses,” Elsa said, “so Italy and then Paris and Hermès and Chanel, and then there’s the smaller ones. I [also] like a lot of East Coast fashions. It’s almost kind of that more old-money aesthetic, or it looks more polished. Some of my favorite influencers for fashion are Hannah Harrell, who’s amazing; Kate Bartlett,  [who has an] awesome sense of style; and Emma Chamberlain, whose collaborations with Louis Vuitton are insanely inspiring. Those are some of my bigger inspirations in the world.”

Everything from the inspiration behind each look of hers to the process of assembling her outfits has brought Elsa a joy unlike any other; but, more than enjoyment, it has brought her across the world.

Everywhere from Milan, Italy, to New York, New York, Elsa has been flown over to see. Whether the principal reason for the trip was fashion-related varies each time, but fashion always finds a place in her visit.

   It’s not as much about imitating someone else as much as it is about dressing for you and what you think you look good in and styles that you like—just trying to find your area of fashion without trying to be something that you’re not.

— Elsa Kehoe

“My mom’s job is based out of New York, which means she has a lot of traveling through there,” Elsa said. “I’ll go with her a lot of the time, and I’ve been to a few shows for smaller fashion houses. I haven’t been to New York Fashion Week, which would be insanely incredible, but I’ve been to a few minor shows, and it is something amazing. It’s really cool to witness it.”

For Elsa, fashion has become more than just a hobby that she enjoys indulging in or a reason to travel to extravagant places; it has become a part of her life that she wants to continue in her future—to turn into a career.

While the fashion industry is an industry that Elsa knows she wants to be a part of, it is not the designing aspect that draws her in but rather the destinations that she will encounter.

“I love the design aspect, but that’s not really my area [for the future],” Elsa said. “It’ll probably be more along the marketing aspects of it, and I love the advertising as well. It’s really the glamour of the industry that draws me to it. It’s so interesting to me, and it’s such a cool way to [be able to] travel. For me, it’s always been more about where I ended up versus what I’m doing. So, having that opportunity to be able to travel while also being a part of something that I enjoy is the goal.”

No matter where fashion ends up taking Elsa and her career, it will always play a prevalent role in her life. It has become an outlet for her—a way to express herself in a way other hobbies may not be able to.

That freedom of expression that fashion provides Elsa is a large part of the reason she loves it. From a single glance, a person is able to learn so much about another person.

“I like how it’s such an expressive thing,” Elsa said. “You can tell a lot about someone from the way that they dress; it’s the first thing people see when you present yourself to the world. I think it’s a cool way to express yourself without words. So, right off the bat, the first thing [you see is their] fashion. I think it’s overlooked by a lot of people, and they kind of see it as something that’s more superficial, but what they don’t realize is that it affects them more than they think it does.”

Elsa’s clothes are a part of who she is—a part of her identity that she proudly shares with the world. 

Ultimately, clothing is about what you feel best in and experimenting until you find that perfect middle—fashion is about you.

“I would recommend just finding your niche and what you like to dress as,” Elsa said. “It’s not as much about imitating someone else as much as it is about dressing for you and what you think you look good in and styles that you like—just trying to find your area of fashion without trying to be something that you’re not.”

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