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The Victoria Secret fashion show, “The Tour ’23,” is receiving hate but for all the wrong reasons

The cover photo for “The Tour ’23” promotional video, with famous model Adriana Lima in the background.

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show, “The Tour ‘23,” was nothing short of a disappointment.

Dazzling lights illuminate the stage, camera lights flashing from every direction, and models strutting in extravagant outfits: the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows have always caught the attention of millions of women and girls from all over the world.

Until it didn’t.

Part of what made Victoria’s Secret shows so appealing was the models, starring world-renowned models such as Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, and Bella Hadid; however, the other part that appealed so greatly to the audience was the entertainment of it all. 

Oftentimes, while the model strode down the embellished runway, famous singers, such as Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna, would put on jaw-dropping performances. All the while, the models themselves were dressed in over-the-top angel-like wings and striking outfits.

That was until 2019 rolled around, and Victoria’s Secret shows went from being one of the most revered fashion shows to one following great controversy—most namely for their diversity, or lack thereof.

The models that had previously been walking down that runway all had at least two things in common: they were tall, and they were all thin. However, as the world became more and more conscious of body positivity and the fact that it is normal for women to have different body types, Victoria’s Secret fell further and further under scrutiny from the public for their lack of following suit.

Thus, in an almost last-ditch type of attempt, Victoria’s Secret has thrown yet another fashion show, but this time, it includes a multitude of different body types and capabilities; “The Tour ‘23.”

With all the changes that Victoria’s Secret made to both the aesthetic of the show and the models themselves, Victoria’s Secret expected shining reviews all across the board, but instead, what they were left with was a spew of unsatisfied and displeased viewers.

While the change in aesthetics was a jarring one, and one completely understandable to critique, the critique that treads on the line between hateful and critical is the criticism of the models.

The critiques of the show range all the way from the fact that Victoria’s Secret changed its aesthetic to the models that wore the clothes.

While the change in aesthetics was a jarring one and one completely understandable to critique, the critique that treads on the line between hateful and critical is the criticism of the models.

To critique the model is to say that the performance that they put on, their walk, or the general outlook that they bring to the show or anything within that realm is not up to par or is not entertaining. However, the moment when the criticism turns from critical to spiteful is the moment when a person begins to attack the model, which is exactly what critics online have done.

Many have labeled the cause of the disappointing show not on the brand itself but rather on the models that starred in it. They claim that what they want back is the types of models that had starred in the show before, claiming that they want the “unattainable” aspect of the old shows back or that it was more of a nightmare than a fantasy.

In all reality, it has not been the models’ declining quality and flair but rather the clothing itself—with the lack of angel wings and glamorous outfits. On top of that, the clothes that they did have the models dressed in didn’t even seem to fit the models correctly. Thus, it made the plus-sized models look unflattering overall.

Ultimately, there’s a thin line between being critical, which you’re allowed to be, and being hateful.

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