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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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Students seem to be slowing down academically and teachers are losing hope

Increased rates of depression and anxiety are affecting students’ performance in school.

Over the past couple of years, American students’ academic performances have been rapidly declining, especially in math and reading skills.

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) researchers collected data that proved that students in grades three through eight—and even above—have significantly slowed down in their academic progress.

With little knowledge of why this is happening, teachers, administrators, and parents are becoming more concerned about their students’ education. 

This issue came into play during and after the pandemic; it is believed that the pandemic is the leading cause of this decline.

It was very much anticipated that during the lockdown in 2020, students would fall behind in their education. Many teachers were expecting their students to bounce back after returning to school from quarantine, but the exact opposite happened. 

Although this situation may seem to be due to the teacher’s lack of teaching, this is not the case. During the pandemic, students were not attending school the way they typically would. Both teachers and students had to adjust their schedules in ways they never thought they would have to. This adjustment caused students to feel confused and react in ways that affected both their grades and minds.

Since the pandemic has come to an end, students have been disengaged from school. The reason for this is not the fault of the teachers but of circumstances. Following the pandemic, there have been increased rates of anxiety and depression. Because of these rising mental health disorders, teachers are facing more absences and tardies from students.

The declining mental health of teens is taking a massive toll on their education.

If this downfall continues, students may find it more challenging to get into their desired colleges and even get jobs. 

In an attempt to fill the educational gap that students have created, some teachers suggest that students who need extra help get help from a tutor. Hiring a private tutor is no problem for many students, but others may have trouble financially affording specialized tutors. 

While there are still many questions on how to fix the slowed academic progress of American students, the thing that students today need most is support. Not only do they need encouragement from parents and guardians, but they also need support from teachers and counselors. Being a young adult in today’s age is not as easy as it used to be. Children and teens are dealing with mental health struggles that were produced by the pandemic that no other generation had experienced before. Juggling that along with school can be extremely stressful and draining.

Children and teens are dealing with mental health struggles that were produced by the pandemic that no other generation had experienced before.

What students really need in order to advance and be prepared for their future is to take things slower. Teachers must accept that these education rates are declining and adapt as they see fit. If teachers come to terms with this, they may be able to assist students in ways that complement their needs. Teachers and counselors should communicate with struggling students and teach at a pace they can comfortably learn at.

Just because American students’ academic performances are dropping does not mean there is no hope for this generation of students.

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Maina Daniel-Poulose, Junior Writer
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