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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2023: Lucy Yoder


My family- the best team

I love every moment and gathering together. Our Fourth of July trips, getting absolutely demolished while tubing, playing left-right-center with our baby Jesus—all of it is so much fun and I am so grateful for that. Grandma Rose- for being the absolute kindest whenever we get together. Grandpa Bob- for being there since day one. Boomba- for spoiling all of us. I am beyond lucky to have you as a grandma. Aunt Terri- for showing up. You are always at our sporting events and never fail to take action. Uncle Dan– thank you for always making us laugh. Extra bonus for being the Wordle master. Shaina- for being the role model for all of us to look up to. Cameron- the absolute life of the party. There is never a dull moment when you are in town, let me tell you. Sophie- for being the well-earned center of attention, never failing to make everyone laugh. Tim- for just being Tim. Aunt Bobber- somebody has to be the crazy aunt. Uncle Archie- for your consistent kindness and love for everyone. Lily- Billy! I literally just want to be you. Enough said. Mia- for never protesting when I make you sleep on really thin cushions on my floor. You will forever be my sleepover buddy. Christian- Crash, thank you for being so funny and easy to talk to. Aunt Sue- for bringing the California sunshine with you. Summers are so much fun! Uncle Andre- for consistently having something interesting to talk about. Simon– for being absolutely crazy. Stella- Stell Bell, thank you for always being so cute and nice to everyone. Viv- for always making me laugh so hard. Henry- for always being fun to be around. Lilah- for being the best sister.

Mom and Dad- for being my Bonnie and my Clark

Mom- thank you for always going above and beyond, for singing loudly, and for teaching me how the real world works. Dad- for working hard daily and funding all of our excursions. All of these memories wouldn’t have been possible without you. I love all of the unique things that we get to do together: our daddy-daughter breakfasts, the casual trips we took together to New York City and London, and the countless other adventures that are still to come. 

Zenash Cumings- for being there for everything

Z-Ziggle. My MB^3. I love you so much, queen. I didn’t know what category to put you in—you’re my track bestie, my football game bestie, my movie night bestie, my random Target runs bestie. We have an indescribable amount of memories together, dating back to when we would dress up together or play the car racing game on the bus together in elementary school to going to our first Homecoming together and placing fourth in the state for our 4×200 relay. Trying to spearfish on Emma’s dock, taking photos in the poppy field, fake tripping in Target, getting really lost on the way to Houseman that one time (we definitely are not stalkers)…you never ever fail to make me cry-laugh. Thank you for being “one of the boys” with me and always showing up to give your all. I love that we can spend literally twenty-four hours apart and still have so, so much to say. You inspire me to be a better, kinder person. Our memories cover all categories of life, and I wouldn’t want to make these memories with anyone else. 

Elouise Nuo- the one who makes everything so much more fun

El! Thank you so much for an amazing start to the school year. The football games, Chik-fil-A runs, dancing in the rain during our homecoming football game—you are so much fun to be around. 

Sofia Hargis-Acevedo- my perching buddy (and much more)

Truly, there is nobody who would be better suited to perch next to me for an hour every day in math. You always have the absolute best outfits and inspire me to elevate my wardrobe. Thank you for singing Spanish songs with me in second hour, hating on Jane Eyre in third hour, cartwheeling throughout the halls in fourth hour, and always sharing amusing stories in fifth hour. I am so glad to have all these classes with you this year. 

Clara James-Heer- the girl who can run circles around everyone else

Clara, I love our friendship so, so much. Ever since you started singing TikTok songs at the starting line before our cross-country meets in eighth grade I knew that there would never be a dull track season with you around. Thank you for always being a reliable person and helping me laugh a little bit more. 

Emma Goring- that weird sophomore who thinks that she is a senior

Emma Goring! Queen, I don’t know how it happened, but I am so glad that we are friends. Thank you for our trips to the airport viewing to catch the sunset and our silent laughs on the car ride back from Grand Haven. That was an event. I love our to-and-from track practice car rides, even if you don’t always get to sit shotgun. Thank you for making all of our track practices so much fun and entertaining—you never fail to show up with a new story to tell. 

Jia Niemeyer- simply a good human

Jia, thank you so much for being my friend since sixth grade. You are such a positive influence on my life and always have the best views and points to add. Your rationale is everything, from debating whether or not to have a no-play day in orchestra to packing up a picnic basket and randomly driving to a hike near Indiana. Thank you for always just being yourself and uplifting others. 

Rowan Szpieg- my first editor (and much more)

I always love our daily chats together. From talking through tears about the Peter Gabriel concert you went to or sending each other Pinterest photos at 10:30 p.m., I am grateful for it all. Thank you for being my first editor and my stand partner in orchestra since day one.

Fifth Hour WFP- perhaps the best class ever

For everyone in my fifth hour, thank you so much for making it such a great class. Shoutouts to Autumn VanSolkema for always laughing and smiling (and giving me questionable books to read), Addy Cousins for being on top of things, Mr. George for welcoming me back into your class, and Eva Harshman for always being my friend (and uncle) since our fated trip together to the Galápagos.

Spanish class and Spanish Club- what a group

I never thought this could actually be so much fun. From crying-laughing about Tambora to crying-crying about doing Vista for the hundredth time, every moment is oddly memorable. Special shoutouts to Cayden McNamara (Cristian) for cackling during class with me, Millie Alt for being really smart and helping us all when we have no clue what is happening, Claire Marvin for being the consistent comedian and belting all of the Spanish songs, Maya Sneider for always saying random things that make everyone laugh, and Andrew Shier for simply being our beloved Andres. 

My track teams- both indoor and outdoor

Track is so hard, and I am so grateful for an amazing group of people to push me through it. Our stuffy Aquinas workouts or outdoor meets in literal snow would be a lot more painful without such an amazing team. 

Fantastic four- my group

Lily Zorn, Taylor Greeman, and Jenna Lowell—I love you all so much. Our little excursion to the Eras Tour, the impressively loud car rides—you guys make life so much fun. Jenna- who else could cry with me while watching soccer games? Terslaying, our endless plans for marriage, Hot or Not, ‘I can’t breathe’—nothing is a fantasy, just remember that. Thank you for not only fueling my fantasies but also being a part of them. Lily- my basic flower, among other things. I love your little stories and the humor you bring to our group. I love spilling the tea with you and filling each other in on the latest news. Thank you for crying to “Long Live” and “Getaway Car” with me even though they really aren’t sad songs. You understand the emotional appeal of life and I love you for that. Taylor- Taylorlicious, Re-Taylor, Wholesaler, Slaylor. Thank you for helping me live passionately, even if that results in utter spontaneous combustion while watching soccer games in Jenna’s basement. I admire your outlook on life and your general YOLO approach to everything. New dive at practice? YOLO. Camping trip? YOLO. You are so much fun to be around. I wouldn’t want to spend hours weekly during AP Research doing Globle with anyone else. We are so geographic. Also, your advice book has truly been lifesaving—thank you for that. I’ll make sure not to chug a million Stanleys and avoid spontaneous combustion at all costs. 

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About the Contributor
Lucy Yoder
Lucy Yoder, Staff Writer
Lucy is a senior entering her first year writing for The Central Trend. She has been entertained and positively in love with writing and reading for as long as she can remember and cannot wait to expand and improve her writing further. Lucy runs varsity track for her school and has been involved with club track over the years as well. As senior year starts and concludes all too quickly, Lucy strives to create millions of memories, all comprised of her favorite things: friends, sunshine, running, and her adorable puppy, Jackie. Favorite artist: Taylor Swift, without a doubt Favorite soccer team: FC Barcelona Car: 2005 Lexus GX470 named Lucifer Favorite place she's been: Galápagos Islands

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