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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2023: Mr. George


I’m thankful for my health and my family. As I get older, the time with Jordan, Ty, and Meg is even more cherished. I also appreciate my co-workers who give their best every day to provide exciting and enriching opportunities for our students. 

This year’s students are a special group, and I’m excited and honored to thank them here.

2nd hour

Thank you to Cambrie for sharing your smile, energy, and kindness with all of us every day, Dean for excelling in all aspects of my class and doing it with unassuming confidence, Ella for your sense of humor and positivity (and for stopping in four times each day), Ellie for consistently smiling and sharing fun stories of your life; you make everyone around you feel like the most important person in the room, Kate for your insightful, intelligent comments and your genuine, considerate daily check-in to say hello, Kennedy for always bringing positive energy and dragging your sister in a few days a week, Malia for caring so much about my class and for sharing so much about your life, Matthew for stepping up and working hard to do more and excel, Olivia for your confidence, humility, and selfless kindness that makes every day better, Peyton for spending two hours a day in 139 and sharing your energy, smile, and humor (your laugh is contagious!), Shanza for always giving me your best and being ready with an interesting and intelligent answer, Jade for an outstanding presentation and working hard at all of our projects, Ben for making my class important and confidently leading everyone around you without even knowing it, Daniela for continuing the Garza tradition of greatness and kindness, Ethan for your elite listening and focus to do your best on everything, Grant for working hard, staying focused, listening closely, and being a model student, Julian for your energy and unparalleled ability to lead, motivate, and energize, Lily for stepping up as a public speaker, always spreading positivity, and pushing yourself to excel, Lucas for being ready with an insightful comment for the class and for consistent work ethic, Micah for excelling in everything in your life but acting like you’re not a big deal (you are!), Molly for sharing my love of nature and for answering questions in class with intriguing comments that make us all jealous of your talents as a thinker and speaker, Aubrey for smiling (almost) every day, asking about my weekend (sometimes), and working hard to overcome obstacles, Colton for your daily energy and willingness to listen to feedback and suggestions, Delilah for always pushing through setbacks and challenges with a motivating, fighting spirit, Finn for asking how I’m doing and for working hard to bring daily energy and commitment that impact those around you, Joseph for your calm demeanor that belies the intelligence, passion, and sense of humor inside, Lili for one of the best presentations of the year and for your huge heart and empathy for others, Rosie for making others around you happier with your smile and energy that come out when you’re really comfortable, and Vince for listening closely to feedback and then purposefully going to work to improve.

3rd hour

Thank you to Gibby for the daily “Hi, Mr. George” before anyone else is in the room (it kicks off third hour perfectly!), Georgia for your engaging smile and energy, and for sincerely and diligently working to excel in everything we do, Hayden for excelling in public speaking and writing and for honestly contributing new ideas and perspectives, Henry Mc for showing off your masterful public speaking skills and always selflessly focusing on what is best for everyone around you, Jonathan for stepping up, leading, motivating others, listening to my ideas, and making my class an important part of your day, Paulie for feeling right at home with the best sophomores in school because of your intelligence, confidence, and communication ability, Susie for asking great questions and focusing on everything you can do to improve in anything (and for always smiling!), Alexis for modeling outstanding public speaking and for consistently checking in with me before class, Colette for the apples, the positive energy, the smile and laughter, and the commitment to giving your best, Caden for the example you set for everyone around you with your consistency and focused work, Ford for the end-of-the-day fist bump and for giving your best effort despite a very busy schedule, Max for consistently sharing your impressive ideas and thought-provoking ideas and making my class important, Prad for truly caring about me and my day and my life (I really appreciate the sincerity of your questions), Rowan for being willing to tell us all what you’re thinking because your ideas are deep, intriguing, and creative, Addie for putting up with me twice a day and usually acting like you’re enjoying it, Ian for truly wanting to learn and pushing yourself to improve in everything we do, Kenz for being a model citizen in every way and for your huge heart for others (and all the fun basketball workouts!), Sidd for honesty and effort in class and your engaging personality that makes you a favorite among your classmates, Addy for truly giving me every ounce of effort and energy you have (and for always making me laugh); it means so much to me that you work so hard in my class, Annaliese for pushing yourself as a freshman in a sophomore class and always being willing to share updates from your life, Chloe for your focus, passion, diligence, work ethic, sense of humor, and commitment to excelling in all aspects of life, Ellerie for the daily visit before school and for always asking and truly caring how my day is going, Jack for stepping up, working so hard, being an elite listener every single day, Lilah for smiling and laughing and sharing your intelligence, creativity, and humility with me and the class, Mikey for insightful and intriguing comments in class and during your presentations, and Reese for the deep comments when you’re called on and for always listening closely and focusing on your goals.

4th hour

Thank you to Aubrey for your genuine kindness towards me and everyone you encounter; it makes all of us happier and I’m so thankful for your impact on me and others,Clare for striving for perfection, setting good goals, and always caring so much about everything we do in class (I really appreciate it!), Emmy for facing obstacles head-on and giving your best all while smiling and laughing, Gianna for handling adversity with grit and toughness and for making all of us feel better when you’re around, Hayden for making every single day with your laugh, energy, humor, kindness and humility, Josie for multiple visits a day that show your concern for others and empathetic heart (everyone appreciates your concern), Mady for excelling despite an insanely busy schedule and two hours a day with me; your toughness and dedication are motivating to me, Maylee for just “getting it” in every aspect of life; you’re a calming, consistent, and charismatic presence in that seat for two straight hours,  Rosary for your communication “style”, knowing your “end game” and keeping your “eyes open” and being “fearless” as you “forever and always” study the “new romantics,” Sierra for consistent, positive non-verbal feedback while I teach; it makes me think I might be doing ok, Matthew for working so hard to be great at all parts of my class, Miles for motivating me with your Transcendentalism essay and pushing yourself in all aspects of your life, Parker for asking great questions and then focusing on implementing new ideas to get the most out of yourself and my class, Sadie for pushing through and stepping up; your greatness is shining through more and more every day, Allison for humility and kindness that belies the incredible talent (in swimming, writing, and speaking) that you possess, Claire for consistency in effort and focus and for interesting comments and ideas when called upon, Henry for your love of reading, Pop Tarts, my class, and poetry (that was sarcasm), Juliana for helping lead your awesome table with your focus and diligence and still finding time to smile and laugh and share fun stories, Megan for making every day a better one for every single person you encounter with your smile, kindness, and genuine emotional interest in all of us, Reese for your charismatic laughter and energy; my class is better with you in it, Yasmin for being on time and for your passion and ideas and always raising your hand; I love how you give me everything you have every single day, Audrey for calmly and masterfully sharing your ideas with all of us and consistency in effort and focus, Cam for your passion, energy, and generosity that impact all of us; you seriously make it better for everyone, Evelyn for caring so much about everything: me, the class, your friends, the work, the words, and your sister, Franklin for asking good questions and working hard on all aspects of class, Lincoln for enjoying class and continuing to step up as a speaker and writer,  Nick for the passion and energy that make you impossible to not listen to when you public speak or make comments in class; I love having you in class, Nova for the unparalleled impact you have on all of us when you passionately speak about what you think and believe, and Ruthie for always smiling and asking how I’m doing while you continue to work hard and thrive in Honors English 10.

5th hour

Litany for coming back to room 139, showcasing your impressive writing ability, and asking great questions, Squid for always having a good story and for caring enough to show me your cool art projects, Brenna for pouring your heart into everything you do and making everyone feel better after your compliments, Maylee for writing with passion and precision while still maintaining your voice (you’re so gifted at this!), Maina for daily visits, insightful columns, and smiling and laughing with me every day, Elle for your talent. And your kindness. And your diligence. And passion. And, did I mention, you’re really talented?, Kathryn for being the singularly most gifted freshman writer I’ve worked with in 30 years (and for always smiling and being kind), Banon for focusing on keeping up and always checking in and updating me on how things are going, Micah for the charisma and passion; your impact on the room is positive, perpetual, and phenomenal, Addie for continuing the family tradition of kindness, empathy, talent, and commitment; I’m so thankful you’re in my room every day, Peyton for closing the door and always asking good questions; I’m proud of your growth as a writer and thinker,  Olivia for sharing your passion for ‘80s music and storytelling; your reviews are professional and mesmerizing, Lily for your honest and impactful writing and a calming influence on all of us, Emalea for spending another year in my room showcasing a natural, creative gift for storytelling, Lucy for coming back to my room; I’ve never taught anyone who is so genuinely kind and compassionate (and let’s go High Point!), Rowan for truly changing my life the last two years with your intelligence, public speaking, writing, empathy, compassion, and selflessness, Autumn for energy and passion every single day; and, by the way, your writing has been superb all semester, Juliana for emanating gentleness and warmth while still having fun and laughing, CC for sharing your gifts as a writer with all of us; I sincerely appreciate your commitment and diligence the past two years, and Kiera for coming back to TCT and writing with depth and thought all semester,

FHC Sports Report

Olivia for passionate, committed, and consistent leadership that keeps the class moving forward and focused, Lily for caring so much about FHC Sports Report and demonstrating it with your effort and dedication, Mady for stepping up in every way; we have all noticed how hard you work and how talented you are, Will for leadership and consistency; like I told you, I wish you weren’t a senior, Sam for writing interesting columns even though trending #1 for four weeks finally got old, Gibby for the dedication to the class with all of your baseball columns, constant tweeting, and quality game reports, Colton for intently listening to feedback and working to improve, Eli for the passion you have for the class and sports and the podcast and everything you do (it’s contagious), Jackson for listening to my ideas and understanding the impact you have on the room, Ford for problem-solving with me to make this all work and for showcasing your ability to make others around you have fun and feel comfortable, and Keyan for positively keeping up with every assignment and staying focused for the entire semester while still having a lot of fun (I appreciate your organization and dedication).


Thank you to Alysse for columns, kindness, and comments that change lives forever; we all love you in Room 139, Eva L for taking on huge responsibilities and succeeding, leading with conviction, and always smiling and laughing, Arpita for your genuine and consistent kindness; you care so much about all of us in Room 139, and I look forward to seeing you every day, Eva H for stepping up as a leader, writer, and communicator; your talents are endless, Ellerie for rejoining! We’re so glad you’re back, and your positivity and concern for others is felt by all of us, Addy for daily visits before school, daily leadership and energy 6th hour, and daily commitment to take care of everyone around you before yourself, Addie for dedication to always do extra as a writer, copy editor, and staff member; your reliability is a gift, Ella for your leadership and commitment to TCT and for always spreading happiness and humor as you go through your day, Sofia for giving me four years of everything you have; how could I ask for anything more? You’re as much a staple in Room 139 as I am, Alex for stopping in every day after first hour and for sharing your talents as a writer, leader, and photographer with the entire FHC community, Saniya for writing columns that are too good and too deep to understand and for your consistent leadership and commitment to TCT, Mickey for the daily check-in and honesty, and for your toughness and commitment despite so much going on in your life, Tilley for always smiling and thinking of others; your presence in Room 139 is uplifting for all of us, and Evvy for effort and organization and talent combined with a passion for people and words that make you a valued member of TCT.

Special thanks, as well, to the students I don’t have in class this year who always make it a point to stop in and visit me throughout the day. I appreciate Kylie, Ava, Nora, Eshana, Willem, Ashley, Grace, Mahta, Priya, Paige, and the others that I can’t think of right now.

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