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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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I am relieved with Biggby’s a little-more-than-mediocre holiday menu

My three favorite things: Biggby, Christmas, and my puppy

If you know me at all, you are aware of how much of an obnoxious person I am. Before you start bashing my personality, chill. When I refer to myself as obnoxious, or words kindred to obnoxious, I am referring only to my stubborn opinion toward celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. That’s my one flaw; otherwise, I am quite perfect. So, feel free to refer to me as obnoxious only if you are referring to my pertinacious opinion on the correct time to celebrate this jolly-ho-ho-holiday: Christmas. 

Because of my morals, I have been resisting tasting Biggby’s holiday menu. Not until the day after Thanksgiving was I willing to indulge in their new menu. Okay, maybe I also hesitated because of the trauma I suffered from their fall menu, but in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to bless them with the gift of my opinion. 

Snow Mint Mocha

I can’t express how pleased I am to say I wasn’t disgusted by this drink. It was the first drink I sipped during my Biggby-Holiday-drink-taste-test extravaganza, and I was most definitely scared because of the disappointment from Biggby’s fall beverages. This drink I can only describe as a liquified York; it was extremely minty and therefore most definitely Christmasy. I give it an 8/10—it puts me in the Christmas spirit. 

Peppermint Stick Mocha

If I seemed relieved about the Snow Mint Mocha, that was nothing compared to how I felt about this drink. I had a feeling in the back of my throat that I got lucky with the first drink. Thankfully, I was wrong. This drink is the perfect Christmas beverage for people who don’t like coffee but love the aesthetic of drinking it anyway; the coffee is not a major flavor. It is overpowered—in a good way—by the taste of peppermint and chocolate; the name was not lying. I am not the biggest mint fan, but this drink came close to changing my mind, which is hard to do because I am very set in my ways. It gets a 9/10—the drink tastes like Christmas. 

Avalanche Latte

When I ordered this drink, I felt cool. See what I did there? The name intrigued me, but I did not like not knowing what I was drinking; what does avalanche taste like? Well, now I know it tastes like nothing; it tastes like how I imagine snow was turned into coffee. In the spirit of Christmas, I am choosing not to hate it because it technically doesn’t taste bad. I give it a 4/10—this drink brought down the overall score of the menu. 

Citrus Snow Latte

As a teenage girl, I am prone to judging things before I give them a chance.

As a teenage girl, I am prone to judging things before I give them a chance. This was a conflict I faced with this drink. It didn’t sound appetizing, and it looked unappetizing. I purposely ordered it hot, so I wouldn’t have to see the red color since iced coffee is served in a clear cup. The thing with this drink is that the name made me think of winter and fall; fall is the “citrus” and winter is the “snow.” Inevitably, it was like fall and winter partaking in a war, and I was left with the aftermath. Fall won. I was disappointed considering I was expecting a Christmasy drink. But, it was a drink I believe tea lovers would enjoy. Me on the other hand, not so much. 5/10—It’s a no for me, but it has potential. 

Winter Wonderland

I tasted yummy butterscotch and caramel; according to the ingredients, there is no butterscotch or caramel in this particular drink. So, maybe my opinion is not the most accurate when it comes to this drink, but I can say that it is quite tasty. The nonexistent butterscotch and caramel took me to my grandma’s house. Maybe, according to Biggby, that’s my wonderland. I give it an 8/10, but I may not be the most credible with this one. 

Cookie Butter Latte

I was expecting to be disappointed and hoped that that would keep me from being disappointed; unfortunately, I was still disappointed. Although I don’t necessarily see the holiday spirit in the drink name, I still chose to look past that. I wanted to taste a cookie; I tasted nothing. On the bright side, that means the drink was not bad; it just didn’t put me in the holly-jolly spirit. 6/10—it tasted good overall but was disappointing. 

Tuxedo Muffin 

This muffin was humongous. If I could represent the size of how much I love Christmas through a muffin, it would be this one, but other than that—in my opinion—I don’t understand how it represents Christmas. Similarly to the Cookie Butter Latte, I chose to look past the lack of holly-jollyness. It was undeniably tasty and looked like a tuxedo with its white cream down the middle of the ginormous chocolate body. I give it an 8/10; I should penalize it more for not being Christmasy.

All in all, Biggby’s holiday menu gets an 8/10. Five points for tasting good, two points for being a Santa-clause-sized improvement from their fall menu, and one point because I am in the Christmas spirit and am feeling generous. Happy holidays! 

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Peyton Robinson, Junior Writer
Peyton Robinson is a sophomore entering her first year on The Central Trend. She has always loved writing. Other hobbies Peyton enjoys doing are playing softball, spending time with her friends and family, and playing with her puppy, Bowser, a miniature Rottweiler. She was on FHC's Varsity Softball team her freshman year and plans on playing through the rest of her high school career. Usually, Peyton spends her free time hanging out with friends and doing homework. Peyton lives a happy life and is excited to be a part of The Central Trend. Favorite movie: The Sandlot Starbucks order: Venti Pink Drink with light ice and no strawberry inclusions. Position in softball: Left fielder and third baseman. Favorite artist: Bruno Mars Her car's name: Helga  

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