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The similarities and differences of the cold and warm Christmas aesthetics

examples of the warm aesthetic and the cold aesthetic for Christmas

Everyone enjoys different things, and different things bring different people joy. There are the universal things that bring the majority of people that so-called happiness, some of which may include puppies and ice cream. Although some may attempt to argue, that one of these universal things is Christmas. The majority of people have at least some excitement that comes from the holiday and its season, whether it’s the presents or the festivities.

Different parts of Christmas excite different people, thus differences in aesthetics are formed and are known as warm and cold Christmas. 

These types of aesthetics are accommodated with activities and things that a person prefers to do. 

Warm Christmas’s main characteristic is being inside. It correlates with the red and gold colors of Christmas and is the cozier aesthetic of the two. Personally, when I think of it I think of a fireplace specifically, since it not only gives physical warmth but also goes along with the entire Christmas and winter theme. Warm Christmas is also bright.  

Warm Christmas activities are usually residing non-actively; watching movies, baking, or decorating are all part of these activities. The decorations that go with the style are cozy blankets thick materials, and the classic colors of red and gold as mentioned previously. It is a very overdecorated and crowded look, except with a more positive connotation. 

Cold Christmas is about the exact opposite of warm. It is the white, silver, and blue theme of Christmas. It can arguably be the more modern and classy aesthetic. These activities are considerably more active than warm Christmas activities. Normally it is associated with ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and practically anything snow-related. 

These decorations are much more minimalistic. The bright colors are muted and the vibe is overall very clean and neat. If you’ve ever walked into a store and seen the alterations of classic Christmas decor like nativity scenes or reindeer in a minimalist and muted design, that is the exact definition of cold Christmas. Cold, I feel, is the younger of the two as well. It is a more recently emerged aesthetic and varies from the classic styles. 

Most people are a mix of both aesthetics, having signs of each in their activities and decorations

Both are very valued in the season. Most people are a mix of both aesthetics, having signs of each in their activities and decorations. 

My opinion is that a warm aesthetic is superior because cold seems stiffer and I prefer to be cozy, which does not seem to concur with cold. But even I find myself having things that I love within both of the differing categories. For example, I love ice skating on my family’s ice rink with my brother even after the holiday season, which coincides with a cold Christmas. 

You don’t need to be fully committed to either aesthetic, because both have pros and cons. They are very unique and can fulfill your Christmas dreams, especially if they satisfy cozying up by a fireplace or building a snowman.

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