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Cohen Murray has a profound love for snowboarding


For the past six or seven years, Senior Cohen Murray has loved snowboarding. He has countless memories and stories from snowboarding and has been enjoying every minute of it. 

“Every year we go up [north] on a trip with my mom and her friends, and we all just spend the weekend up north,” Cohen said. “One year the weather was really bad and there was a lot of snow on the road, so we hooked up a tow strap to the back of a truck, and we just went snowboarding on the road from the back of the truck. It was really fun.” 

Because he doesn’t play a winter or spring sport, he needed something to take up the time of the gloomy winter seasons that always seem to go on forever. Everyone around him seemed to be snowboarding or skiing, and it seemed like an interesting thing to do, so Cohen decided to try snowboarding. 

One of the things that Cohen loves about snowboarding is that it gives him something to do when he’s bored in the winter. Instead of just sitting around inside like a lot of people do in the winter, Cohen decided to learn how to snowboard.

“I kind of picked up [snowboarding] pretty quickly,” Cohen said. “For some people, it can be kind of difficult [to learn snowboarding], but other times you kind of can pick it up pretty quickly. If you don’t pick it up it can end up being a struggle. It’s kind of like you either get it or you don’t get it.”

For some people, it can be kind of difficult [to learn snowboarding], but other times you kind of can pick it up pretty quickly.

— Cohen Murray

The reason Cohen enjoys snowboarding the most is because of the trips that he gets to go on every winter with his mom and her friends. Another thing that he enjoys about snowboarding and going to the parks is making friends with the people that he meets on trails and also the people that he gets to spend time with.

“At Cannonsburg, there is always a group of guys that are just hanging out at the park. I’ll always end up hanging out with them,” Cohen said. “And also you kind of just meet people as you go, like if you get on the same trail as someone else you’ll kind of just talk to them and maybe hang out with them for a while. You’ll definitely end up meeting people.”

Another thing Cohen enjoys about snowboarding is the challenge that comes with it. He loves the idea of getting to learn new things and knowing that there are also things that he has the opportunity to get better at. He likes knowing that there’s something that you can always get better at such as bigger jumps or more difficult trails. He likes knowing that there are always reasons to push yourself because there are always new things to learn.

One of his favorite things about snowboarding is the traveling that comes with it. At some point, he’d love to go snowboarding out west and visit different parks there, but currently, the farthest he’s gone is the Nub’s Nob ski resort just up north kind of by Traverse City. He is excited about all of the traveling that is yet to come in the future for snowboarding.

In the past six or seven years that Cohen has been snowboarding, he has made friends, has made many exciting memories, and has so many things to look forward to. 

“One year we were at Cannonsburg and got stuck on the trailer for at least an hour,” Cohen said. “It was really fun and we made some really good memories.”

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