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Heart-shaped jewelry is cheugy, but these are my exceptions

Etsy/eBay/Pandora/Tiffany & Co.
Some examples of appropriate heart jewelry that fight the heart-jewelry hate.

Every year around Valentine’s Day, I hear the everlasting debate over heart-shaped jewelry.

My TikTok page is flooded with girls begging for no more heart-shaped jewelry. I can understand the appeal of gifting a piece that matches the vibe of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is all about love and hearts, I know. While I love a good heart, I would have to agree that it has become rather overdone. Just because a piece of jewelry is a Valentine’s Day shape, does not mean it is a good gift. However, there are a few pieces that I think could overcome the heart-hate for anyone.

Return to Tiffany Double Heart Tag Pendant in Silver, Mini

I should start by saying that I recognize the outrageous price of this necklace; However, it’s a tried and true classic. This necklace is well-recognized for women of all ages. While I know this necklace comes in gold and rose gold, I hate both, and they are outrageously more expensive than the silver. The silver looks chic and classic anyway. So for the girls who wear silver and deserve a splurge, this necklace would be my top heart-shaped pick.

The necklace comes with various colors of the heart including plain silver, the iconic Tiffany Blue, pink, and red. I got the pink version for my birthday a few months ago after begging for it for years, and I’ve worn it almost every day. My mom has had the Tiffany Blue version for years and it still looks the same as when she bought it. Though the necklace is $275, the Tiffany & Co. quality makes it worth it. The pendant stays permanently on the chain and the silver doesn’t tarnish.

Though Valentine’s Day is the season of hearts, heart jewelry is not necessary every single year.

Heart-Shaped Locket Rings

I am obsessed with locket rings. I love the idea of a locket necklace, but as a person who religiously wears the same necklace, I would never wear a locket necklace enough. Enter, the locket ring. My favorite locket rings that I have seen are on Etsy and eBay. The vintage look is perfect. While the larger, oval-shaped locket rings are cute, the smaller heart versions are a perfect Valentine’s Day gift that isn’t overdone.

Pandora Sterling Silver Moments Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

What I love about this bracelet is that it is a gift that can keep on giving. While it’s already cute, the fact that it can be filled with charms for years to come makes it better. I’d recommend giving this bracelet with maybe one or two charms to start, and then you can continue to gift charms for later holidays. Any charm bracelet is a great gifting idea, but this heart-shaped clasp keeps it Valentine’s Day-esque without being cheugy.

While I definitely agree with my TikTok For You Page in saying that most heart-shaped jewelry is not necessary, Valentine’s Day is the season of hearts; heart jewelry is not necessary every single year. However, if you want to gift some heart-shaped jewelry, I’d recommend the above pieces a million times over.

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Kiera is a senior continuing her writing journey with The Central Trend for a fourth, and final, year. Being on staff for the past few years has been one of her favorite parts of her high school experience. Besides writing, Kiera spends her fall as a part of the FHC varsity golf team and her winter on the ski team. She also has been coaching a youth golf team for the past three summers. For the rest of her time, Kiera likes to be around her family and friends. Kiera looks forward to making the most of her senior year while being part of The Central Trend for the last time.

Favorite book to gatekeep: The Green Glass Sea, by Ellen Klages; it was her fifth-grade book project book that her mom recommended

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