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The trend cycle found itself displayed in the recurrent trends of 2023

Addie Woltil
A handful of the products and trends this year, both makeup and fashion.

2023 was a year of recycled trends.  It was a year of reliving and reviving older trends: 2000s style, 60s and 70s style flare jeans and leggings, the comeback of new and improved UGGS, and bows scattered across every surface.

Although it wasn’t necessarily a year of new trends or anything long-lasting, it was definitely still iconic. Each year has its defining trend that it’s marked by. 2020 was defined by COVID and people experimenting with new styles in the comfort of their own homes, and, generally, when I think of 2020, I am reminded of bucket hats. Over-saturated photos, beaded bracelets, and bright colors were the trademarks of that year, and our overuse of color, in many ways, was due to people’s need for something bright and artificial in their lives when everything was feeling very real. 

2021 was the resurrection of 90s fashion: scrunchies, super baggy jeans, mini backpacks, flannels, combat boots, and baby tees. Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album, Sour, in May of 2021, and I think she greatly influenced the fashion trends of that year.

I don’t think 2022 was an overall significant or stand-out year in any regard. I think it mostly set the stage for the fads and trends of 2023, but everything in 2022 was rather short-lived. 2022 was characterized by the rise of Lululemon in many ways, but the brand’s peak was really in the Spring of 2023. The biggest trend I can remember of 2022 was the clean girl aesthetic. Slick-back ponytails, neutrals, and “no make-up make-up” were all I saw online for many months, and even now, people still wear these styles. I’m not sure if these trends will stand the test of time, but seeing as it’s a fairly simple and affordable style to take part in, I can see it sticking around.

2023 followed the trend revival cycle that says that typically, after 20 or so years, the same trends become popular again. Last year, we saw a rise in Y2K fashion with a few notable mentions and nods to 70s styles. It was the cherry-picking of a few select trends that we mixed and combined into a clean girl aesthetic mesh of styles that will lead to our soon-to-be 2024 trends. So, while we wait to see what new fads pop up, let’s review the keystone items and aesthetics of 2023.


If you’ve been on social media, the internet, or really anywhere recently, you’ve likely seen an array of bow jewelry, accessories, and patterns covering every single surface in sight. This is a result of the rise of “balletcore” and the coquette trend sweeping the world right now. I, myself, am wearing a bow necklace as I write this. This trend started in late 2023, and I think it will continue far into the foreseeable future, given its immense popularity right now. 

Flare Everything

The cycle of trends repeats itself again as we are thrown back into the 70s fashion trend of flare jeans. Flare jeans have been around for decades now, and after being widely regarded as ugly—like skinny jeans now—they’re finally back. Not only are flare styles popular in jeans, but they are also one of the most popular legging styles. Lululemon and Aerie’s signature flare leggings are definitely one of the most memorable trends from 2023, and even if it ends up being a short-lived style, I don’t think it will be one to look back on in embarrassment.


Speaking of recycled fads, UGGs made a widespread comeback this year in a newer and shorter version of the formally popular, tall UGGs that were the height of fashion in the early 2000s. This trend also started in late 2022, but it hit an all-time high this year; in every school classroom, looking around, I can always see at least five people wearing UGGs, and for their high price point, it’s honestly amazed me how much they’ve grown in popularity.

Notable Makeup Products and Trends

While many trends of 2023 followed the theme of bold and bright, many of the makeup trends were the exact opposite. Throughout, really, the entire year, the trend was “no makeup makeup”: a makeup look designed to look like what it sounds like, no makeup. It typically involves light to no concealer, blush, brushed-back eyebrows, and brown or clear mascara with some lipgloss. After multiple years where bold glam makeup was the fad, it’s refreshing to see a more minimal beginner-friendly makeup look rise to popularity. Some of the popular makeup products used to acquire this look have been Milk Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick, Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, Kosas Revealer Concealer, and DIOR Addict Lip Glow Oil.

One body care brand also rose exponentially in popularity this year: Tree Hut. Their signature sugar scrubs and shea body lotion are exactly the type of trend I want to see in 2024. Initially, I’ll admit that I thought they were pretty overhyped, but they’re 100% worth it. In addition, they’re cheap compared to so many other popular and expensive skincare products right now. I own the Moonlight Glow scrub and lotion, and every time I use it, I feel like I’m at an upscale massage parlor. 

Vintage Dior products were another comeback this year, and with them came the makeup brand itself. The DIOR Addict Lip Glow Oil was sold out in pretty much every Sephora and Ulta near me, the Rosy Glow blush also went viral, the Dior Backstage Flash Perfector Concealer made an appearance in most makeup haul videos I saw, and on top of all of that, the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet perfume was popular. Unfortunately for my wallet, this truly was the year of Dior, and I don’t think their popularity is due to end soon; I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another resurgence in the popularity of their new products this year.

This truly was the year of Dior, and I don’t think their popularity is due to end soon.

The Slick Back

I don’t remember exactly when or where this hairstyle started, but for the past year, the slick back has been considered the go-to hairstyle for almost any look. Whether it’s a slicked-back ponytail, bun, or braid, this seems to be the internet’s new favorite look, and it makes an appearance in most “get ready with me” videos I see. The hairstyle initially gained popularity because of the clean girl aesthetic and trend that symbolizes 2023 as a whole. It became so well-loved in part because it works on every type of hair, and it was especially well-received because it’s a hairstyle you can wear when your hair is greasy or you’re in between wash days. I personally think it makes my head resemble an egg, but when it’s well done on someone else, it looks very polished and put together.

2000s Fashion and Y2K

We’ve gotten to a point where early 2000s fashion is considered “vintage” despite being barely 20 years old. Already, it’s coming back around in the trend cycle. This year, although I hoped it wouldn’t happen for a while, low-rise jeans became popular again. Not only low-rise jeans but most early 2000s and Y2K trends that, although being called 2000s, really are only what celebrities wore, also returned for 2023. They include Juicy Couture sweatsuits, mini skirts, ballet flats, camis and tank tops, and the iconic purses of the time that now resell for up to thousands of dollars. Although this is definitely the glamorized and over-romanticized view of the 2000s fashion period, it certainly was iconic, and I can see why it became popular again. But this trend has also brought up the fake, cheap Y2K fashion sense that typically includes lots of neons and cutouts that aren’t as cute.

Overall, it’s been a copycat year of fashion, with a few new trends popping up every other month. Despite an overall disappointing year, we can only hope that 2024 will bring us something new and exciting.

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