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Gorillaz latest album, Cracker Island, is excellent and a very relaxing listen

Rolling Stone
Gorillaz characters with their new look’s for the new “Cracker Island” album.

Gorillaz’s latest album Cracker Island is an excellent listen that creates a laid-back atmosphere for those listening.

Cracker Island is an amazing album falling under the alternative rock, pop, and funk genres. The album was released on 24 Feb. 2023 and consists of ten tracks that all together end up being around forty minutes long. The British virtual band, created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, was at peak popularity during its albums Demon Days and Plastic Beach. They may not be at the height of fame anymore, but they have not faded away either, with their latest music still getting plenty of listens.

“Cracker Island”

The first track in the album Cracker Island feels nostalgic to Gorillaz’s old music while also giving us a sense of what the band may have coming for us. The strong beat and vocals give a vibe similar to their previous hit “Clint Eastwood,” but with their co-producer, Thundercat, on the track, it seems to have so many more layers. In addition to the great music, the lyrics caution listeners to something that they do not directly say in the lyrics, leaving it up to heavy interpretation.

“The Tired Influencer”

Gorillaz’s song “The Tired Influencer” tackles the struggles that content creators face on a day-to-day basis and how a lot of influencers are just looking for love and meaning. The funky sounds and ’80s vibes make the song feel relaxing while conveying its message about the influencers and criticizing the influencer marketing industry. 

“New Gold”

The track “New Gold” is up there with my favorites on this track because of how hypnotic it feels to listen to. It has a trippy and funky vibe that makes it enjoyable to listen to while conveying an amazing message. “New Gold,” co-produced by Tame Impala and Bootie Brown, shows us how superficial things are taking over our lives and becoming our main concerns as the world falls apart. The song comments on the meaninglessness of our social-media-focused world.  

The song of unrequited love and longing has a very funky vibe to it with crooning vocals that make it a really chill listen and perfect for listening to on the beach in the summer. 


“Tarantula” is the album’s most romantic song as it follows the character 2-D’s longing for a partner who would love him. The song of unrequited love and longing has a very funky vibe, with crooning vocals that make it a chill listen and perfect for the beach in the summer. 

“Skinny Ape”

Gorillaz’s track “Skinny Ape” is a softer, funkier-sounding song on the album, it has sort of a ’90s music vibe to it that is nice. The song is highly up to interpretation for meaning, but I think it’s about the artist’s legacy being the characters of Gorillaz and making peace with technology in this modern and very technological society that we live in.

Gorillaz’s album Cracker Island is amazing and definitely worth a listen. I think the album has a perfect summer vibe to it because of its nostalgic and funky feeling. All of the songs are amazing and many of them have other popular artists as co-producers which adds layers to the songs with each artist’s different touch.

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Litany Gaines, Staff Writer
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