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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Rainbow Star Boba was a much needed addition to the area

Rainbow Star Boba’s in store menu.

The newest boba shop addition to 28th Street near Thornapple Brewery and our local Culver’s was a much-needed addition to the area. Most boba places require at least a ten to fifteen-minute drive down 28th Street to get to, but now our area has its very own and it is amazing.

Rainbow Star Boba Milk Tea, which recently opened, is one of the best boba places I’ve been to in a while. The menu offers a variety of options under the categories of fruit tea, sparkling fruit tea, yogurt, milk tea, lattes, and smoothies. The drinks have a good price, ranging from about seven to ten dollars per drink, and the customer service is great. The inside is clean, simple, and very cute, and has many spots to sit at. The shop has good hours, with the only day they are closed being Mondays. The drinks themselves are amazing and definitely worth the price.

The drinks I tried from the menu were the taro latte, the peach sparkling tea, and the strawberry milk tea. Each drink was perfect and had lots of flavor and the perfect amount of toppings. The wait for the drinks was even super quick, and the place tends to be relaxed so there is normally not a wait to order.

Taro Latte

The taro latte with lychee-popping boba pearls was definitely one of the best boba drinks I have had, and my favorite out of the three I tried there. The drink itself was the perfect silky consistency, looked super cute, and tasted really good. I was genuinely surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did because I don’t normally tend to like taro. It was the perfect sweetness and the lychee-popping boba were the perfect addition.

The drink itself was the perfect silky consistency, looked super cute, and tasted really good.

Peach Sparkling Tea

My second favorite drink was the peach sparkling tea with lychee-popping boba pearls. The light carbonation surprisingly made a big difference to the drink compared to just normal fruit tea and genuinely made it a lot more enjoyable and added to the overall flavor. The drink tasted perfectly like peach and the person who made it even added some fruit pieces into the drink which really added to the drink. I recommend trying this one especially if you have never had boba before.

Strawberry Milk Tea

Although I usually hate strawberry-flavored things, especially strawberry milk, I was surprised I actually really liked the Strawberry Milk Tea when I tried my friends. The strawberry flavoring in the drink wasn’t too overpowering and it had the perfect sweetness level to it. The drink had a silky consistency and was a really cute shade of pink.

Rainbow Star Boba is the perfect addition to the area and I am really glad it opened. I think it is the perfect spot to stop at with friends to get drinks and even study because of the very chill and quiet environment. Everything about the shop is amazing from the cute simple decor to the customer service and the drinks. I highly recommend taking a visit and trying something new from there!

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Litany Gaines
Litany Gaines, Staff Writer
Litany Gaines is a senior entering her first year on The Central Trend. Since she was young, Litany has had a love for words, whether it be reading, writing, poetry, or song lyrics, and she is beyond excited to further her writing skills this year. In her free time, Litany enjoys being outside and spending time with friends along with reading and writing. During her final year in high school, Litany hopes to create many memories and strive to be her best before setting off on her next path in life. Favorite poet: Sappho Favorite movie: My Neighbor Totoro or Coraline Favorite Time: 11:11 am Her Car: A 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix named Daisy Jones that is somehow still running  

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