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After a seven-year run, Young Sheldon finally comes to a heart-wrenching and wholesome ending

The Young Sheldon poster for the show’s seventh and final season.

At the beginning of my junior year, I was browsing through Netflix, trying to find something new and interesting to watch. I then stumbled upon a show called Young Sheldon. It seemed like a nice, kind-hearted family show to watch and enjoy. It has now become one of my favorite shows of all time and one that I will constantly go back to. 

Now, the seventh and final season of the show has been released, and I couldn’t wait for AP exams to be over so I could watch it. I ended up watching all 14 episodes in the span of three days. They were very enthralling. 

The season picks up exactly where the show left off. I think it is great when a show continues on instead of introducing a new storyline at the beginning of a new season. It keeps a nice layer of consistency. 

I have so much adoration for this show; the characters and storyline are so easy to get attached to. Throughout this season, we get to see a lot more of Mandy, played by Emily Osment. She was a side character throughout the past seasons, but now she’s a main character, and I love it. Her dynamic with Georgie, played by Montana Jordan, is a funny and wholesome relationship to watch grow throughout the episodes. 

Throughout the show’s run, I have always enjoyed seeing Missy, played by Reagan Revord, and I do not care what others really think of her. I loved her personality. While Missy picked on Sheldon a lot, she was a good sister, comforting him on the rare occasions he would cry. Sheldon—Iain Armitage—gets to experience a trip in Germany as well this season and eventually decides where he wants to go to grad school. 

I have so much adoration for this show, the characters and storyline are so easy to get attached to.

We get to see new aspects of many of the characters and how they handle certain situations. I loved seeing family dynamics change and how the Coopers handled many different obstacles thrown at them, some easy, some very difficult. 

It was nice to see all the characters that we had met throughout the seven seasons had at least one final appearance somewhere in the 14 episodes. I loved seeing everyone have a final wrap-up and an ending that leaves them in a mostly good place. The show only adds one new character this season, Octavia Spencer as Officer Rhonda Thomason, who interacts with Meemaw the most this season. Additionally, Mandy’s parents, Jim and Audrey McAllister, played by Will Sasso and Rachel Bay Jones, make many more appearances throughout the season, as they become pretty important characters in the show.

The season explores new relationships, with some factors like avoiding the police and a heart-breaking episode near the end. I tore through episodes, constantly needing to know what happened next. Each 20-minute episode ended in a perfect place where I had to click “Play Next.” 

While I am disappointed that this beloved show has ended, I have thoroughly enjoyed all 141 episodes of Young Sheldon. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching all seven seasons of Young Sheldon. It is a show you won’t want to miss out on.

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Autumn VanSolkema
Autumn VanSolkema, Staff Writer
Autumn is a junior entering her first year on The Central Trend. She loves a good romance novel, but loves her corgi more. If she is not belting out Taylor Swift songs, she is teaching herself new songs on the guitar or ukulele. You can find her cheering on the sidelines of football games or coaching her little fourth-grade cheer team. Autumn has grown up loving the theatre, being both on the stage and in the audience. She has performed in many shows and regularly begs her parents to take her to New York again to see more Broadway productions. Autumn is an avid photographer, with her camera roll being filled with 19k+ photos over the last two years. Her least favorite things in the world: Balloons and Styrofoam. Her favorite musicalsWaitress and Mamma Mia Number of surgeries she's had: 7 Her favorite condiments: Mayo and Ranch Favorite season: Just like her name, it's autumn

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