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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

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My word of the day: writing

My view of writing this in my English class.

I’m struggling to write this. I don’t know why I’m struggling so much, but it’s already late, and I need to put something out. 

Something that helps me when writing columns is listening to music. Right now, I’m wearing my AirPods in English class, and I’m listening to the song “People Watching” by Conan Gray. I love listening to Conan Gray’s songs, and I look forward to his concert in September. Now, “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles is playing. I don’t listen to very many of his songs frequently, but I do like a lot of them.

This is the last normal week of school, and I have a lot of mixed emotions about it. I’m excited to finally have some freedom, but I’m going to miss some of my teachers. I’m also extremely worried about some of my exams, especially Biology and Algebra. I’ve always struggled with science and math, and this year hasn’t been any different.

I’m almost halfway through this column, and I’m already running out of things to say. I also feel extremely bad because of how scattered this is, and it’s probably pretty difficult to read.

In English, we’re reading To Kill A Mockingbird. It’s a pretty decent book, but I despise reading books for classes. Reading feels so much more boring when it’s forced. 

I think I’ve looked up hundreds of synonyms for the words in this column. I’m always told I need better word choice, and I try my best. It feels like there are never good enough words to describe what I’m trying to say, or it feels like the words don’t make any sense for the things I’m trying to describe.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve rewritten this almost 40 times.

I think I have writer’s block right now. Over the past two weeks, I’ve rewritten this almost 40 times. I’ve even made two different docs to feel like I’m making progress even though I’m not. They’ve all been different topics, but none of them have felt good enough. I hate to admit it, but this doesn’t feel good enough either. I’m just trying to put words onto the page. 

Today, I had to use a school Chromebook because I forgot mine at home. I hate using school Chromebooks because every time I log in, it opens five different tabs at different times that I don’t want to open. I also hate having to log in every single time I open my Chromebook instead of just getting to open it and it’s already logged in.

I’m not sure what to make my cover photo, so I just took a photo of my Chromebook. I’ll pretend I was just trying to be artistic with it. Since I took it on my phone, I have to email it to myself so I can upload it to this Chromebook. 

I just checked my word count, and it turns out that I’m a little over it. My photo from my phone was just delivered to my Chromebook email, which means I can download it now.  All I have to do now is run it through Grammarly to make sure there aren’t grammar mistakes. I hope there aren’t too many because that always gets overwhelming. Now, I’m over 100 words past the minimum word count.

I thought I was done, but now that I ran it through Grammarly, it’s making my writing seem much more sophisticated than it actually is. I didn’t realize how many times I used the word really in this. Thanks to Grammarly, it seems like I haven’t even used it at all.

I sincerely apologize if this is terrible to read. Hopefully, it was good enough, and hopefully, I’m over my writer’s block.

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Addie McDowell
Addie McDowell, Staff Writer
Addie is a freshman entering her first year on The Central Trend. She is so excited to become a staff member, and can't wait to write more stories. She's wanted to become a writer on The Central Trend since the beginning of her eighth-grade year because of her love for writing and is so excited to publish some of her stories. In her free time, Addie enjoys listening to music, writing in her notes app, and hanging out with her friends.   Her favorite thing to drink: Slushies (specifically from Speedway) Her favorite season: Fall. The best part of fall is definitely the mini pumpkins. Her comfort Disney movies: Tangled or Mulan Favorite food: Watermelon

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