Humans of FHC: Selena Feng


“I went and shadowed a nurse at Spectrum Health. It was a delivery nurse, and she asked me if I wanted to watch a live birth or a C-section. I said a C-section, and I got to witness two C-sections at Spectrum Health, which was really cool. One of the babies I witnessed being born was really big. She was something like eight pounds, fifteen ounces. So the next day I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I see someone posting, “Congratulations on your new baby sister!a�� I was like, “There’s no way it’s the baby.a�� I waited awhile, and I saw the picture again. Then someone commented, “Eight pounds and fifteen ounces!a�� So I was like, “Dang that must be the baby then.a�� It’s just cool that I knew the baby in the picture and saw it being born.”