Player Profile: Katherine Fowler


Name: Katherine Fowler

Grade: Junior

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Outside Hitter

Club: Michigan Volleyball Academy

Years playing: 5

Why do you play volleyball?

“I play volleyball because you can channel so much into it. You can let out frustrations and stress, but at the same time it’s just such a fun sport to play. You’re never bored.”

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your volleyball career?

“My dad was an amazing athlete his whole life and he played basketball at the University of Texas. I take his advice when it comes to sports very seriously because he has been through it all. He is my role model.”

What is your personal goal for this season? What do you think is the key to achieve this goal?

“My goal this season is to extend my skills to the back row. I’ve always been a hitter and I feel that training to become better in the back row will make me an all-around better player.”

Talk a little about your time being a part of FHC volleyball, this year and previous years.

“FHC volleyball is a very special program. We really are all one big happy family. Everyone gets along, everyone is kind and genuine, and we are always looking out for each other. There’s just this vibe around all of us I haven’t felt anywhere else, and it’s just so awesome to play in this environment.”