An open letter to my fellow juniors


To the junior class of 2019,

Before I begin, I would just like to ask one simple question: What is the point behind homecoming?

Each year, some of us spend a countless amount of hours preparing for a week filled with spirit days, humiliating lip syncs, rigorous powderpuff practices, and enthusiastic pep assemblies. Each year, the amount of participation in these events is limited, due to the ignorance of our class. And each year, the same thing happens; while other classes buzz with commotion and excitement, our class sits in the stands with barely enough spirit and energy to stand. So again I ask, what is the point behind homecoming? To answer my own question, the point behind homecoming is unity and that is something that I truly believe our class is lacking in.

Before the homecoming festivities even began, our student council tried to organize a pop can drive, in order to raise money. It was broadcasted on numerous social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When the time came for the pop can drive, not even ten people showed up. How sad is that? How sad is it that out of the 300 people in the junior class, only ten people showed up. That is not okay, and my point is proven once again: our class needs unity. Between the ten of us, we raised a lot of money. Just imagine if more than ten people showed up, how much more money we could have raised for our class.

Since freshman year, our homecoming lip sync has been the laughing stock at every assembly. Usually, when it comes to festivities, our grade comes in last and our previous year’s rankings pay tribute to that statement. Each year when it comes time to rehearse for lip sync, there are always people that say how stupid and humiliating our dance looks. What those people fail to realize is that it will only look stupid if no one participates. Participating in these events is crucial to the success of our class. Participating in these events helps boost our rankings amidst the other grades. And by participating in these events, we can show unity; and ultimately, that is what homecoming is all about.

I’m proud to say that last year during Winterfest week, our class stepped up. Our class stepped up, and we ended up winning the lip dub competition. That is one of the few moments that our class showed unity. Winning first place in that competition proves my point again; if our class participated and showed unity, we could do great things.

Our class has the possibility to be great, so let’s all step up and begin again.

So, to the class of 2019, I would like to urge and push you all to participate. The point behind homecoming is not to be fancy and dress up. The point behind homecoming is not to watch other people show class support. The point behind homecoming is unity. The literal definition of unity is this: a whole or totality as combining all its parts into one. Here is my last bit of advice, step up, meet new people, participate, and show unity. Our class has the possibility to be great, so let’s all step up and begin again.

Sincerely, Payton Field