The Ant-Man and the Wasp is a good watch for a typical Avenger fanatic


For the people who know me, they know that I typically don’t watch superhero movies. I love movies ranging from anything Disney to a classic Nicholas Sparks romance. A few weeks ago, I was eagerly awaiting to see either the Incredibles 2 or Mamma Mia 2. But much to my disappointment, they had no showings of either of those movies on the night that I went to the theater. Instead, the only movie showing at the time was The Ant-Man and the Wasp. So instead of a night filled with an animated plot line or a musical deposition, I was stuck with a film about humans who transform into insects in order to save the world.

My initial impressions of this movie were not exceptional. I mean, when I first walked into the theater, the person I went with and I were the only two people in there. If only two people show up to the movie, how good can it really be?

The movie begins with the main character, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), under house arrest. For the people like me who have never religiously watched the Avenger series, the start of this movie was confusing. Apparently, in a previous film, Scott Lang had gotten into trouble in Germany and that was why he was under house arrest. Anyway, the film then transitions into a flashback to 1987 when two heroes, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his wife Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer), prepare to leave for a mission, leaving their young daughter Hope (Madeleine McGraw) in the care of their housekeeper. As an Ant-Man and a Wasp, they shrink themselves to stop a missile from reaching the United States. Janet goes sub-atomic in order to drop the missile into the ocean, but it left her lost in the Quantum Realm, and she was presumed dead. However, after Scott Lang, as the new Ant-Man, went sub-atomic and managed to return to normal size, Hank tells Hope (now played by Evangeline Lilly) that there might be a way to bring Janet back. Throughout the rest of the movie, the rest of the characters are trying to find a way to bring Janet back to her family.

Personally, I felt like the movie was abnormally long. The middle of the movie got a little laborious, and I kept anxiously awaiting the end. However, after finishing the movie and thinking about it, I realized that I might have been a little judgemental and biased. I have never seen any of the other movies in the Avenger series. Maybe if I had understood what had happened prior and knew some of the characters, I would have enjoyed it more.

Although the actual movie itself was not my favorite, the idea and plot line behind it was interesting. For the people who enjoy science and futuristic films, this is one that I would definitely recommend. It has many aspects of new technology and has a creative spin that sets it apart from other movies.

Overall, the movie wasn’t bad, and maybe if I had watched the other films prior to watching this one, I would have enjoyed it better. And even though the movie was long and continuous, I would recommend it to the typical Avenger fanatic.