Humans of FHC: Kimberly Herr


“The most random thing to happen to me here in 27 years was after coaching when everyone was gone, I went out to the back parking lot to get my car and go home. I walked out the back doors, and my car was not there. I knew that was where I parked, but I walked around to the front just to make sure I didn’t lose my mind, but my car was nowhere. I called a tow truck and the police thinking somebody stole my car from the school parking lot. The police kept asking me, ‘Is there anybody who is holding something against you?’ and I said no. Lo and behold, they tracked it down. The night before a band concert, somebody’s car that looked like mine didn’t start so they called a tow truck, and the tow truck picked up my car instead of theirs. So I couldn’t get it back for twenty-four hours, and it was the freakiest thing because my car was missing.”