Future decisions can be scary

Future decisions can be scary

Everyone wishes that they could be a kid again– to be so carefree and able to rely on adults to provide for you. You never have to think about how you are going to make money or who you want to be.

One the hardest things about growing up is learning to make your own decisions as you grow older because your decisions have even more consequences.

Making decisions is hard. Even choosing what to order at a restaurant can be difficult. I would say this is one of my weaknesses. To be honest, I feel like my parents have held my hand through my judgments. (I thank them for that)

I work at Mynt Fusion because my parents need me to. I go to church because my parents take me. I spend time with my siblings because there’s no one to keep an eye on them. Most of these things just fell into place for me.

Transitioning out of high school, I’m going to have to make these decisions myself.

Do I want to take a chance or stay in fear this time? Will I be up to the challenge or am I setting myself up for failure?

We make decisions based on many factors: our past experiences, our emotions, external opinions and more. Then, we pick which decision we think will be best based on what we value.

I want to value discipline over comfort, love over good looks, and others over myself.

Although these years after high school are going to be challenging, the hard decisions will be the most rewarding.