Eastern Cooking Meets Fast Food At Wok & Mortar


My lack of transportation and limited schedule makes it difficult for me to eat out. But when I can, I do enjoy finding hidden gems with my friends.

We did a little searching and found a small Asian cuisine restaurant called Wok & Mortar. Most people are skeptical at first because of the location and look of the restaurant, but I believe the food makes up for it.

Similar to Qdoba, this place is more casual because you either can order on their app or up at the register. You could dine in or just quickly stop in for carryout.

As we walked in we were warmly greeted by friendly faces. They have a unique way to order on the menu and the staff is very helpful explaining the menu.

The food has a wide range of varieties with healthy and gluten-free options while being unexpectedly delicious. You may think you are going to a quick fast food Chinese restaurant, but once you see it for yourself, you will see that it is more than that. The environment is small and intimate, very clean, and the food is as if you were in an upscale restaurant.

I chose the Chicken Pad Thai and was given a pretty generous serving. You could that tell the food was fresh and it comes out very quickly. The Pad Thai was fantastic and had the quality of a legitimate high-end Asian restaurant. It is a perfect balance of a fast option with great quality.

Wok & Mortar surpasses the normal “fast food” restaurant because of the freshness of their food and unique flavors. I honestly can’t wait to come back and try all of their other flavors.