Eli Logan aims for a scholastic challenge


AP Chemistry, AP World History, Spanish 3, English, and Multivariable Calculus.

This trying schedule seems rigorous for most, but for sophomore Eli Logan, it’s his passion. Only an underclassman, Eli has enrolled in impressive classes and extracurriculars to be the best he can be.

“There aren’t many science classes that are difficult at this school,” Eli said. “Last year, I took AP Physics as a freshman. It was generally an entire class of seniors.”

Eli has found himself surrounded by upperclassmen for most of his classes. Eli is academically driven by challenges inside the classroom, so he looked for a thought-provoking science credit to start off his sophomore year.

“I hadn’t taken a chemistry course yet, and I needed some sort of chem credit, so I thought AP Chem would be fun,” Eli said.

Eli accompanies his mentally stimulating courses with many extracurriculars, and the extracurriculars aren’t just for kicks; they require brains, passion, and dedication. Eli is a part of the debate team, Science Olympiad, GSA, math club, Model UN, and HOSA, which is brand new to FHC.

Out of all of his after-school activities, Eli has enjoyed his time in the Science Olympiad the most. He participated in middle school and started last year, but did not finish. Eli specializes in the study events. He has participated in anatomy and physiology, the disease detectives, and ecology. Besides the clubs, Eli also enjoys playing the violin in orchestra, citing Mr. Pool as one of his favorite teachers. Eli has been playing the violin since fifth grade.

With an abundance of taxing classes, musical practices, and after-school commitments, Eli surprisingly juggles his engagements with ease.

“Every year I get through high school, I seem to get less and less homework,” Eli said. “Last year, I feel like I had less homework than I did in eighth grade, and this year I’m just getting even less homework even though the classes are supposed to be getting harder. It’s probably because [AP Chemistry] is a two-hour class, and we have so much more time to do homework, or maybe it’s because I’m getting better at managing my time.”

Eli’s schedule and devotion to his studies will leave most with their mouths agape, imagining all the possibilities he has for his future. In elementary school, his love of animals influenced his desire to become a zookeeper. In middle school, he discovered his passion for math and decided that maybe he wanted to be a mathematician.

“Over time, I’ve had a whole bunch of ideas of what I wanted to do,” Eli said. “More recently, I’ve been studying more stuff, and I have no idea what I want to be because there are so many options. At this point, I’ve ruled out a couple things. So I’m just trying to take as many classes as I can to get exposed to so many different topics.”