Collaborations and duets taking over top charts

Collaborations and duets taking over top charts

Winter break gave way to a lot of free time, and the music industry ever so graciously released many new tracks. Most of these tracks have raided the radios after an overflow of holiday music has come to a close. Mostly unaware, there has been a trend in the freshly released music. There is an abundance of collaborations and duets between two artists. Here are the newest tracks straight from the top charts:

God Save Our Young Blood
Borns ft. Lana Del Rey

This single strays away from Borns style and instead transitions into the hauntingly beautiful style of Lana Del Rey. Its filled with synth-pop background vocals, eerie harmonies, and nostalgic lyrics.

Hearts Aint Gonna Lie
Arlissa ft. Jonas Blue

Fresh artist, Arlissa takes over this single with her powerful voice. Her signature vibrato shines through making for a great collaboration with Jonas Blue.

Finesse (Remix)
Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B

Bruno Mars took his own song “Finessea�� remixed it, added Cardi B to the track and launched a music video, now viral for his efforts. The “Finesse” music video has blown up on social media for its nod to “In Living Color” with is 90’s nod to fashion and style.

If You Leave Me Now
Charlie Puth ft. Boyz II Men

Charlie Puth goes back to his roots in the song that made him who he is “See You Again” with another strong ballad. This time he brings on R&B group Boys II Men for a soulful journey of harmonies and longing

For You
Liam Payne & Rita Ora

The ex- One Direction singer, Liam Payne, and Rita Ora combine their sultry voices for a new single featured in the 50 Shades series. This goes hand in hand with Zayn and Taylor Swift’s song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” which was in the last movie