Ryan Snow believes his passions will inspire others


Freshman Ryan Snow grew up watching all sorts of animation such as Pixar and Japanese animations. He has an extreme fascination for becoming an animator. Ryan soon began to grow an interest for the Japanese culture through Japanese animations. His mother, Elizabeth Snow, plans to take him on a trip to Japan to experience the culture for himself.

“I spoke to his father and we decided that this would be a life-changing experience for him,” Elizabeth said, “because he has so much interest in the culture there and loves their animations.”

For last few months, Ryan has spent his time creating his own animations in order to inspire others through his storytelling. He uses Blender, a 3D animation tool, which he learned to use from others and by watching Youtube. The stories Ryan plans to tell are aimed at helping other people like him find their identity.

“Everybody has had bad experiences,” Ryan said. “I’ve had my own; you’ve probably had your own. We should use them to help others have the life they should have.”

Snow says that Ryan has a way to touch people’s hearts because he makes it easy for others to associate with himself. Ryan believes that his mother has made the greatest impact on his ideas. His mother saw the potential that he had and believes it’s important for him to show it.

Everybody has had bad experiences. I’ve had my own; you’ve probably had your own. We should use them to help others have the life they should have.

“Ryan is very motivated, caring, and loving, and has come really far,” Snow said. “He walks to the beat of his own drum very happily, and we support that.”

Ryan is interested in going to the California Institute of the Arts, a school where many of his favorite cartoon animators came from. But if he does not end up going in that direction, Ryan plans to become a veterinarian. Ever since he was young, Ryan has always felt like he has had a strong connection to dogs.

“My connection with animals is a gift,” Ryan said. “Out of nowhere dogs will approach me. They let me pet and cuddle with them.”

Ryan occasionally volunteers for the local humane society to treat dogs that are in need of care and a new home. Abused and shy dogs will magically shiver and feel loved in Ryan’s gentle hands.

“I think there is something special in Ryan that they sense that does not make abused animals fearful,” Snow said.

Just like his storytelling, Ryan feels that the dogs can relate and understand him. No matter what he does, he will find a way to involve his passion in it.

“I feel like if I want to do something in my life, I better make my mark in history and help others make their own marks as well,” Ryan said.