Big Mushy Happy Lump is sweetly funny and moving.

    Big Mushy Happy Lump is sweetly funny and moving.

    I love reading comics and graphic novels. When I was first getting into comics, it was quite hard because most comics follow a continuous story like a television series. The second of the Sarah’s Scribbles Collection, Big Mushy Happy Lump takes on a different format of comics.

    Instead of telling a long story, BMHL is a bunch of “personal essays on Sarah’s real-life experiences” presented as a series of mini-comics, comparable to a bunch of newspaper comic strips. Each page has its own story which makes it easy to pick up and read for anyone. Written and illustrated by Sarah Andersen, these adorable and silly comics represent many of the feelings a young adult has about daily life.

    Each funny scenario was enjoyable and totally relatable. The ways she has illustrated social anxiety and over-thinking are superb. Her work effortlessly captures the way introverts think. Rather than going out, she’d snuggle up in a blanket and read a book.

    Life can be messy and painful, but Sarah lets you know everyone feels the same way. Sarah makes fun of herself for always over complicating things (as do I). Many of the scenarios and awkward moments are relatable to me up to the extent of Sarah’s women problems. Also, her hatred of puberty made me laugh, although I could not relate.

    Her explanations for her over thinking is illogical and hilarious. For example, she likes to defy social norms just because they are popular. Sarah decides to not like cats because she sees cat people as a cult.

    The facial expressions drawn onto her characters were priceless and accurately represent the emotions of an insecure young adult. Sarah, like a teenager, displays a multitude of emotions. By the looks of her childlike art style, you can tell that she feels like a helpless child in these adult situations.

    Sarah does not take herself too seriously, but I wish she believed in herself more. Hopefully, it is just for the comic relief. I loved this series and am ready to pick up the next one. You should definitely read it if you are in need of a mood boost.