Reeta Bhanini finds happiness in drumline


When reflecting upon the four years of high school, what does an old student remember? For many adults, they often remember a sport, a club, or their friends. Senior Reeta Bhanini knows she will remember one thing: drumline.

“Drumline has been the best experience out of my high school career,” Reeta said. “It’s not even a band; it’s a family.”

While Reeta has been able to create many memories and friendships from drumline, it was not always this way. Reeta switched to FHC from East Kentwood in 8th grade. While it was not a cross-country move, it was still difficult to adjust to a new school.

“Making new friends was hard,” Reeta said. “And just fitting in [was difficult].”

While switching schools was challenging, there were great things waiting for Reeta at FHC. Some of these new opportunities included new friends, a job, and most importantly, drumline. Reeta joined drumline her freshman year. Since she had been playing piano since 4th grade, she was eligible to join. Since sophomore year, Reeta has played the bass drum. Drumline was a large part of Reeta’s transition to life at FHC.

“When I first started drumline, I was like a quiet little kid,” Reeta said. “I didn’t even know many people. So many people showed me their kindness, and they really welcomed me.”

Many of Reeta’s close friends have come from drumline. They have created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

“I feel like if I didn’t switch schools, I wouldn’t be a part of drumline,” Reeta said. “I wouldn’t have met the people that I’ve met, and I wouldn’t have the friends that I have today.”

Aside from drumline, Reeta is also quite busy with her job at Qdoba. Reeta got this job to have something to do in her spare time and earn some extra money. While Reeta enjoys her job, she never imagined she’d be working there.

“Honestly, I had never eaten Qdoba before I got a job there,” Reeta said. “I didn’t even know what Qdoba was.”

Reeta makes sure to only work when she has time between school and drumline. She is hoping to pick up more shifts when drumline season is over.

While Reeta is very busy between all of her commitments, she always makes sure to radiate positivity wherever she goes. Many people say Reeta has the ability to make a room brighter in a matter of seconds. While Reeta faced struggles while switching schools, she now understands the power of happiness.

“I don’t think I was always like this,” Reeta said. “You need to be at peace with yourself.”

Between all of her commitments, Reeta has been able to find a great deal of satisfaction from her time at FHC. Her positive attitude has made a large difference in her life and in the lives of others.

“You have to be happy with what you have and be grateful for everything,” Reeta said. “Why complain?”