Humans of FHC: Byeong Jun Ryu


“Life in Korea is really different than what I expected in the USA because I heard there was a really different mindset for people. So, I think that people do things differently, and I think that American people are more open than Korean [people] because we are really conservative about how we behave and what we think about others, but I think Americans are really different than us. In [Korean culture], especially for old people, they think that it is really important to share food or resources with others, and we really like to gather with others and make a group and share things

Most of [our] holidays are similar to the USA but we have a Thanksgiving day which is called Chuseok and during Chuseok, we usually gather with our family members, we sacrifice food for our ancestors, and we visit our ancestors’ graves. I’m not really sure [what I’m going to do here for] American Thanksgiving day, so I will just try to observe what others do. I’m just thinking about enjoying my time with others. I think it is really nice for me to directly observe the American culture, and I think I have a lot of things to learn from them.”