Audrey Tubbs and Ashley Jenkins create the Outdoor Adventure Club


Ice climbing, bouldering, backpacking, high ropes courses, and hiking.

These are just a few of many activities the brand new Outdoor Adventure Club will be offering to students. While this club may sound strange, it gives students the opportunity to try new things.

“A lot of high schools are just used to [sports],” said senior and club founder Audrey Tubbs, “but there are so many things people can get into that they don’t know. We thought that [the Outdoor Adventure Club] would be a really good way to help people do new things.”

The Outdoor Adventure Club founders, Audrey and senior Ashley Jenkins, have loved being outdoors for as long as they can remember. From kayaking to hiking to camping to backpacking, they have done it all. But, both Ashley and Audrey have a particular activity they enjoy above any other. Ashley has a love for scuba diving. She started learning how to scuba dive while in middle school and has continued ever since. For Audrey, she recently found her passion in rock climbing. Audrey’s younger sister, junior Alaina Tubbs, has noticed how much she loves climbing and the outdoors.

“She really just loves to [climb and be outside],” Alaina said. “She’ll go in her free time, and she’s made a ton of friends from it that she’s really close with.”

After experiencing many cool moments outside in nature, Ashley and Audrey decided to work together to bring a new type of club to FHC, leading them to start the club. In this club, members will be tackling a number of different activities. Some of these activities are so rare that some students may not even know what they are. Outdoor Adventure Club will be the place that will present students with new and unique opportunities.

“We offer a challenge [in Outdoor Adventure Club],” Audrey said. “Some of the things we might do are not the ordinary challenges that you would face on a day-to-day basis. I think that it could offer people a chance to grow and try new things that they’ve never thought of doing.”

While these activities are difficult at times, Audrey and Ashley are aiming to give members support as they dive head first into these new challenges.

“I know from experience [that] trying new things that aren’t so typical is kind of scary,” Audrey said. “[It’s] hard to jump into these gutsy activities when you don’t really know what you’re getting into. If you have a group of people to do it with, it will make it a better experience. Since we’re organizing things, [members] won’t have to worry about logistics. All you have to do is show up and try something new.”

This club is aiming to give exposure to every little outdoor activity possible. They will often be changing up the focus of the meetings. While some members may have a knack for some of these activities, expertise is not the main focus.

“We’re trying to help people get new experiences and try new things,” Ashley said. “We don’t necessarily want [our members] to be absolutely amazing at what they do, but we want them to have fun while doing it and experience something new.”

There are many benefits that can come from being in this club. Being in the outdoors can be used as an outlet for stress relief. Both Audrey and Ashley believe the outdoors provides a solution to the typical high school stressors.

“[Going outside] is a really good way to relax,” Audrey said. “We’re all so busy with everything; school kind of takes over your life. When you’re outside, you’re in a completely different place doing your own thing.”

Ashley also believes students can benefit from being without technology while in nature.

“I feel like it’s nice to get outside and get off of your phone and electronics,” Ashley said. “I really like just being around nature; it’s just so pretty.”

Students can benefit from participating in these daring activities. Members may have the opportunity to conquer their fears and gain new abilities.

“Even if you’re a little nervous, it’s good to get outside of your comfort zone and do new things,” Ashley said. “Who knows? Maybe you’ll love it. Not everyone’s great at everything the first time, but if you put in a little effort, it can become a new hobby that you’ll enjoy.”

The club is hoping to plan several different trips that are out of state or overnight. They are hoping to plan adventures students might not have pursued without the help of others. While this club is just getting started, students can capture the beauty of the exploring through this club.

“It’s something that you might never get the opportunity to do on a regular basis,” Ashley said. “Get outside, get active, get off your phone, just get outdoors, and enjoy this beautiful world that has so much to offer.”