Gaga: Five Foot Two gives an unplugged look into fame and fortune

Gaga: Five Foot Two gives an unplugged look into fame and fortune

Lady Gaga: Theatrical, unpredictable, character, raw, hair-raising, eye-shying.

Stefani Germanotta: Real, creative, authentic, passionate, visionary, entrepreneur.

Gaga: Five Foot Two is the art form that strips down the barriers of fame. It is raw, upsetting, surprising, and empathetic. The true face of pop-princess Lady Gaga has always been a mystery concealed behind meat dresses, an egg, wigs, and monstrous high-heels. Lady Gaga is even notorious for saying “I am not real. I am theatre.” But, when stripped down to skin and bones, the woman that stands five foot two inches tall is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Lady Gaga created a frenzy when portraying a new “unpluggeda�� version of herself from the beginning ideas of her newest album entitled Joanne. The documentary of Gaga starts as the brainchild of her fifth studio album, and it follows her life all the way through to performing at the Superbowl. Gaga has stripped down her costumes of mania and traded that look in for a pink wide-brimmed hat and black and white cloth. The phenomenal transformation of the pop star is apparent, and the viewer is able to discover more about the star they have come to know — or so they thought.

Throughout the documentary, Gaga opens up about her chronic battle with fibromyalgia. The documentary is a game of tag that transitions from her multi-million dollar stadium performances to her life at home surrounded by doctors and healers of all sorts. Stefani is a real person with genuine trouble and she addresses that while the pain is excruciating, she is beyond blessed to be able to pay for the care that tames the chronic pain. Another battle of Gaga’s is exposed to the viewer: the costs of fame. Lady Gaga is no stranger to holding forth the battles that celebrities face; her whole image is based on that idea. She addresses stardom in many of her albums, including The Fame Monster. Her persona is a real-life war between theater and real life and is well-documented in the film.

The documentary also swoops into the business process of recording and releasing an album which is fascinating to the average joe. Viewers get to jump into multiple recording studios all the way from Los Angeles to New York City and in between. It focuses on producers, band members, and other celebrities as well.

Gaga: Five Foot Two lent me the eyes of the insider. I was enraptured at the glitter, devolved by the pain, and cried through the whole movie. Lady Gaga has a heart for others, and it is portrayed through her music and the album, Joanne, which is devoted in honor of her late aunt who passed before Gaga was even born. There is an eeriness and relatability to Gaga’s obsession to presenting Joanne in memory of her relative; but it is enrapturing and is the icing on the cake to Gaga: Five Foot Two.