The Radar With Emily Obermeyer: Atlas: Space


Sometimes an album can contain so much more than just songs. The recent re-release of Atlas: Space by the one-man project Sleeping at Last is a collection of not only tracks but also a collection of in-depth and thought-out pieces of art.

Atlas: Space is a unique release. It is a combination of two previous EPs. Due to the success of the original space EPs, Sleeping at Last chose to re-release the tracks along with the instrumentals. The first half of the album contains 12 tracks, all named after different planets. The second half of the album is the same tracks but the instrumental versions. Both the first and second half of the album combine to create a full piece of art that is absolutely perfect.

As a whole, every single aspect of the album is well thought-out and artistic. Each track is produced in a way to mimic the planet it is named after. For example, the track “Moon” features background audio from the Apollo 11 mission. There are so many artistic ways that these tracks mimic space, and you can read about how these songs were created here and here. Overall, these little details help add to the overall artistic value of the album.

Moving away from the small details, the beginning of the album opens with “Sun.” This uplifting and positive track is a great preview of what is to come. The piano presented in the track helps maintains an upbeat and happy feeling in this track.

After this cheerful track, the album shifts to a more somber note with “Mercury.” While more serious, this track is very well done. The instrumental is super unique and filled with tones of brass and other percussion. The lyrics are also very deep and touching.

“Venus” is a more calm love track. Once again, the instrumental here is very unique. The lyrics paint a picture of the night sky as if you were seeing it yourself. The constant references to space add to the overall creativity of the song.

For me, I believe the highlight of the album is “Saturn.” This track is absolutely stunning with instrumentals that are absolutely gorgeous. Raw emotion seeps out in the lyrics and vocals, and the words hit you like a ton of bricks, stirring the listener’s heart. The vocals are exquisite as well. While the vocal part can easily be overshadowed, there is a great amount of beauty in the simplicity of this song.

The album wraps up with “Pluto.” This track focuses more on the lyrics and vocals rather than the instrumental. This track has very inspiring and relatable lyrics that could apply to just about anyone’s life. Overall, it is a great conclusion to the first half of the album.

The second half of the album is as breathtaking as the first. The already stellar instrumental really stands out without the vocals, and it makes for a perfect playlist for relaxing, studying, or even sleeping.

Atlas: Space is a wonderful album filled with art and creativity. This album is perfect for taking a step back from a typically busy life. While these songs are wonderful as music, the stories contained within every track make them even better.