Stop using senioritis as an excuse


“I have four tests today, and I haven’t studied for any of them.”

“I haven’t done any of my homework from the past three weeks.”

“All I did after school was take a nap; I didn’t even open my backpack.”

“I slept throughout all of my classes today.”

“Senioritis is just hitting me so hard.”

Contrary to popular belief at FHC, Senioritis isn’t real. It’s not an epidemic that affects the whole senior class. Instead, it’s a psychosomatic head case that just targets the lazy.

There is absolutely nothing that is forcing you to not do your homework. Nothing. There is no physical reason for students to not study for their next test. Senioritis is not something that inhibits physical abilities. Students still have the option to do homework and study; they just choose not to.

It’s a psychosomatic head case that just targets the lazy.”

— Emily Obermeyer

How could anyone be okay with failing all of their classes and knowing that they did nothing to stop it? What kind of work ethic is that? Imagine yourself 50 years from now. When you are close to the age of retirement, I don’t think any employer would be ok with you giving up on work because you had a case of Senioritis. It is not okay to just give up when there is still work to be done.

I get it; the past three years have been busy. You’ve had sports, you’ve had theater, you’ve had a job, you’ve had band. You’ve had a lot going on. I get it, I get it. But to people who say the last three years have been hard, I hope you get a wake-up call. The next three years will probably be even harder. You’ll have college classes, you’ll have student loans, you’ll have job interviews, and you’ll have even more. There are many more responsibilities you will have to carry in college. If you think you can take a year off because the last three were “too hard,” well, good luck.

Senioritis isn’t a victimless crime. Without realizing it, Senioritis can sneak up on you and take everything away. Your GPA will drop, your teachers will get frustrated with you, your parents could be upset, you could lose scholarships, or in extreme cases, you could lose admission from colleges. Why would you intentionally wish this upon yourself?

I really hope that students can stop using Senioritis as a crutch. Senioritis isn’t some dreadful illness that takes over your whole body; it’s your excuse for not wanting to do any work. While you are so close to the end, let’s try to cross the finish line without saying, “I don’t feel like it.” Honestly, choosing this form of self-sabotage will only hurt you in the long run.