The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Broke Royality

The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Broke Royality

There’s always something intriguing about finding a new local artist. After performing at ArtPrize and in areas in Detroit, Flint Eastwood has established themselves as a more nationwide artist. Flint Eastwood is a band from Detroit, Michigan. After singing to Neon Gold Records, they established themselves as a more underground band. While their first full-length release Broke Royalty is not without some minor flaws, it shows promise for the future.

Overall, the album has a strong presence in the instrumental. I was very impressed with the overall uniqueness of the sound. This album has a fusion of both pop, rock, and electronic on its tracks. “Monsters” perfectly embodies some of the electronic side, while “Rewind” has a more pop-like focus. The sound is absolutely perfect.

I also enjoyed the lyrics on this album. “Queen” is an empowering anthem that everyone needs to hear. Most of the tracks are very upbeat, and they tend to give the listener warm fuzzy feelings on the inside.

The vocals of this album didn’t completely cut it for me. When I witnessed Flint Eastwood performing live as an opening act, I was blown away by the power and energy in lead singer Jax Anderson’s voice. On this album, the vocals do not translate well from live to the produced version. It is as if a hurricane was downgraded to a small gust of wind and not in a good way. Her voice is a bit outweighed by the various effects on the vocal tracks. While they are still good, the vocals sound a bit muted.

While I do really enjoy the overall feeling of this album, there are some awkward bumps in the road. There are some moments where the electronic sound becomes so overbearing to the point where it is almost obnoxious. In addition to that, there are also some moments that are a bit puzzling. I believe that the collaboration on “Push” is a bit forced. In my opinion, the song could have flowed a bit more without two artists on it.

Flaws aside, this album has all the tracks you didn’t know you needed to hear. I believe that this shows great potential for the future of this band. I am hoping that Flint Eastwood will continue to pop the bubble and grow in popularity around the country and further.