The Value of 6 Crackers

The Value of 6 Crackers

Maddie Yob, Staff Writer

Pulling up to Kids’ Food Basket, it looks like a regular office building, a building that  doesn’t seem special. The building itself might not be anything unique, but the organization inside truly is. Feeding over 7,000 kids every week day, this nonprofit has truly changed the lives of thousands of kids, who, without Kids’ Food Basket, would not receive meals.

Walking into Kids’ Food Basket, the Lady Rangers were greeted right away and sent to pack lunches. They told us our goal was 1,000 lunches; not thinking we would be able to reach this goal, we went right to work. I started packing apples and carrots while others packed sandwiches, trail mixes, and such. I’ve never seen so many brown bags. Grab a bag, grab an apple put the apple in the bag. Now grab carrots put the carrots in the bag pass it down to Jessica. I did this close to 400 times, but to be honest I really didn’t think about what I was really doing until we finished our 1,000 lunches. For me, I was just there for basketball, something that was scheduled and that was mandatory. I didn’t really see the good that we were doing until we finished the lunches early and were told that we were going to pack something else. We were then told to put hair nets on and put 6 crackers in a plastic bag.

The reason we were there didn’t really become apparent until we started packing those crackers. Only six crackers? Never had I taken for granted something so important. Six crackers wasn’t enough to fill me up; if it was up to me, I would have eaten the whole box. Packing those crackers made me realize how lucky I am that I have the choice to eat as many crackers as I want. Because some kids can’t. And knowing that they are so excited about six crackers is something that I will always remember.

We were there for only an hour. An hour that helped over 1,000 kids. I never thought spending an hour of my Sunday would be so productive and bring me so much joy. So thank you Kids’ Food Basket for teaching me more than I could have ever learned an hour class period.