Humans of FHC: Yashmeet Kaur


“I’m passionate about medical science. It’s just something that I’ve always been interested in since I was little. When we did the shark dissections at Central Woodlands, we had these small sharks for all of us to dissect. We saw their inside organs, their eyes, and especially their heart, and I think that got me more interested in [science]. At first, it was kind of disgusting, but after that, it was so cool to see the organs inside and compare it to us humans. I think I already loved science before that, but after this, it helped me fuel my love for medicine even more.

Obviously, I take more science classes now, like biology and chemistry. AP Biology has been nice, and I think I’ve been learning more recently about humans, our bodies, and how things work. Also, I’m a part of HOSA [Health Occupations Student Association]. I also watch a lot of medical shows, which kind of helps me.

I think it’s so cool that our bodies are so complex and have so many different ways that they function. To study them, it’s really fascinating. I really want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon– hopefully, we’ll see. I fell in love with surgery, but I was debating what surgical field to go into, and the heart seemed really interesting. I think it would be an incredible feeling to have just to know that you made a difference in someone’s life.”