Bella Piccione’s confident inner voice remains a constant throughout her passions


From FX to the field, junior Bella Piccione is always under the spotlight—whether it be the whole school watching her or a college recruiter. Bella spends sixth hour on air for FX and her afternoons at lacrosse games; the spotlight cast on her never dims as she cycles through her different passions.

With media and film projects under her belt, Bella is nearing the end of her first year on FX, which is a prestigious honor. Persevering through two years of being waitlisted, Bella now takes pride in her position in front of the camera—and the entire school.

“[Being waitlisted] kind of… not crushed my spirits, but it was a little bit of a downer,” said Bella, whose main aspiration going into freshman year was getting on FX.

Bella has always had a strong passion for film, but her affinity for it faded as other interests flourished. As more of an in-school hobby, FX allows Bella to explore the artistic side that sports cast a shadow on.

“Younger me was in love with filmmaking and acting,” Bella said. “I slowly have grown away from it, but I still like to do it on the side. I think [my interest faded] over time [because] I got into sports a lot more in high school.”

Bella’s passion for film was pocketed as she started devoting her time and energy into lacrosse. Aspiring to play in college, Bella spends every free moment she can improving her skills and sending emails to college recruiters. As her senior year quickly creeps up on her, the spotlight strengthens; college recruiters have a spot in the audience most games.

The pressure to perform at the top of her game also strengthens when recruiters are in the audience.

I  just have to believe in myself more, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

“It’s a lot of pressure because you don’t want to mess up or anything,” Bella said. “It’s scary [to have recruiters watching].”

Bella doesn’t let the recruiters affect her confidence, though. She has a strong inner-voice that keeps her upbeat, motivated, and positive throughout every lacrosse game, whether a recruiter is watching or not.

“I try not to think about [the recruiters] being there,” Bella said. “I just tell myself to do my best, and that’s all that matters.”

Only in her fourth year of playing, Bella considers recruiters being at her games “nice, because I know I’m good enough to be looked at.”

Starting four years later than most do, Bella picked up lacrosse through the recommendation of a friend, and she has been non-stop enhancing her skills ever since. Whether it be training to get on varsity or for college recruiters, Bella uses any free time she has to improve her game.

And the training paid off.

Bella was pulled up to varsity for a few games last year and has now earned a permanent spot on the team. Comparison nags at Bella, though, for she plays with more experienced girls and finds it difficult to watch their precision with skills she is still learning how to master.

Nevertheless, Bella remains driven and focused, continuing to brush away comparison as best she can.

“It’s hard watching the girls that have been playing for years,” Bella admitted. “They’re so good, and I’m always like, ‘I can’t be as good as them,’ but [I remind myself that] I’ve only been playing for not that long of a time and am still learning.”

Bella’s admiration for the team makes up for her lack of experience; her feelings towards the familial bonds she has created have always remained a constant throughout her turbulent learning curves.  

“[The] team this year is so much fun,” Bella said. “The girls are amazing and I feel like we’re going to have a really strong bond. I’ve already made so many new friends through lacrosse—some of my best friends are on my team.”

Bella’s teammates are her family, and the field is her home.

Bella finds lacrosse a serene way to relieve any stress she has with a family of teammates beside her. Stepping onto the field, whether recruits are watching or not, is where Bella feels calm, happy, and grounded.

“[Lacrosse] is honestly peaceful and stress-relieving,” Bella said. “I don’t know how to even describe it. It’s really nice to get out there; it’s kind of like a second home, I guess you could say.”

With her strong, affirming inner-voice remaining strong throughout her passions, the spotlight cast on Bella has nothing against the confidence she has in herself.

“The more I’ve been believing in myself, the less nervous [I am],” Bella said. “I  just have to believe in myself more, and that’s what I’ve been doing.”