Dullness is the current reality

Dullness is the current reality

Children are born dreamers. They are born to believe the notions we put in their heads. They are born creating crazy things with only the ideas racing around in their skulls.

The key phrase here is “they are born.”

Almost everyone is born with some form of creativity; however, not many people are able to maintain it throughout their lives. Why is that?

The world and life itself are harsh; people have to adapt in order to survive. That usually means learning to think realistically. In fact, it would be extremely difficult to survive today without thinking like a realist.

Being a realist can be great; it provides a better sense of direction and possibilities. Realists know when something is too far out of their reach and what they should even consider trying. They are able to create a life for themselves with the least amount of downfalls that they can predict.

Nevertheless, a realist personality can also be negative; people will tend to give up on dreams that seem nearly impossible to accomplish. Goals can become basic and dull. Most of all, the magic that once existed in their hearts disappears.

This world encourages growth in kids, not through creativity but strategy and planning. These are great skills to have; however, it mutes the colors of life. In school, we are taught equations and terms which are all very specific. We are not taught how to use our creativity or originality. People learn to walk as one unit and not stray too far out of that circle.

People learn to walk as one unit and not stray to far out of that circle.

Not only our creativity but our dreams and beliefs seem to be disintegrating as well.

When a person has an extensive dream, it is almost like an alarm goes off, and someone is suddenly there to stop that person from pursuing it. They put thoughts into our heads that make us believe it is impossible and stop us in our tracks.

Children believe in things like fairies and monsters. Once they reach a certain age, they are taught that none of this is real. They are forced to stop believing in such foolish things because there is no way it could be true.

People who still think bigfoot lives deep in the woods are considered weird. If someone expects to find a monster lurking in the shadows, they are strange. But how do we know these things truly don’t exist, and why do we put these bizarre ideas in kids heads if we are just going to tell them to stop?

Nowadays, we are in awe of people that create amazing things. However, we criticize those that dream big or still believe in childish things like magic.

What people don’t realize is that it takes dreams, beliefs, and creativity to make the things we admire so much. It is these things that make the world so wonderful. Basic things like finding a topic to write about are challenging now. Without beliefs and dreams, creativity is tougher to come by.

We need to stop pressuring people to give up on their wild dreams. People should be allowed to believe in whatever they want to, even if it does seem a bit kooky.

If we don’t, dullness will remain the current reality.