It is finally our year


It’s finally here. The year the class of 2020 has been waiting for since we stepped foot in the high school: senior year.

One day, we were all anxious freshmen making our way up to the back of the bleachers, but now it’s our time to stand in the front; it’s our time to lead the chants, lead the roller coaster, lead the school. I remember looking at the seniors as I walked into my first day of high school, thinking that they were so much bigger and older than us, not believing all of us little freshmen would ever make it there, but here we are.

For a class that has been wrapped up in the excitement of FHC spirit for as long as I can remember, this is the year of years. We can finally come together and be the seniors we always wanted to be, the leaders we wanted for ourselves. There’s no more waiting to be the top of the school; we are finally here ready to do what we do best with an open opportunity to make this year everything we want.

Following the common tendency which occurs throughout high school, our once tightly intertwined grade began to unwind and kindle in with other grades. The core bond of our grade escaped our minds and we found new friendships around the school, scattering ourselves around.

We created new relationships and spent our time with new people, our high school experience spreading out among the different flocks of high schoolers. We created close bonds with new grades and we all had our own experiences with different people. The branching out of high school created surreal moments, friendships that built us all as the people we are now. However, as we head into our year, the class of 2020’s dream, it’s time to rekindle the connection between us all. The new senior class has our very last chance to become as close with the people we’ve grown up with as possible, and to spawn a magnificent senior year.

We can finally come together and be the seniors we always wanted to be, the leaders we wanted for ourselves.

Every taste of this senior year conjures a jittery feeling in all of us. We are so ready for it. There is so much to look forward to and I just want to fit it all in. I want to become closer than ever than this family I have grown up with. I want our senior year to be the year everyone remembers. As the class of 2020, it’s our time to bring back the excitement of the Roaring Twenties.

I’ve been growing up with the people in my grade for my entire life; everything from when I can remember is with them. It’s weird to think we are going on our twelfth, and last, year together. We’ve been through it all together, and the last chance to make our class everything we want it to be is here. There’s no more need for the drama, no more need for class separation, no more need to hold back on giving our everything to FHC.

Senior year is a year of last chances — to make our high school experience everything we want it to be — and with the big vision we all have in front of us going into the last year, this one is going to be one we all remember for the rest of our lives.

From football season to our senior prom, we have the opportunity to make this the year we have been waiting for.  So, here’s to us, the new seniors, the class of 2020, and the incredible year awaiting us.