Freshman Look-Book of 2019


Freshman Mia Martin loves to follow everyday trends in fashion through social media and fellow classmates. She often switches aesthetics; some days are more rough chic, some have a more punk look, and others more of a bright and cheery sunshine look, depending on the weather of the day in particular.

“I switch between being very girly to [also] being very comfortable,” Mia said, “I really like to go for Brandy Melville and more of a trendy aesthetic.” 

Platform shoes are a go-to for Mia, along with almost any kind of jean-like clothing including regular jeans and colored jean skirts that she finds to be a basic piece of clothing that is easy to pair with other articles of clothing.  

Mia enjoys dressing up in trendy threats along with accessorizing with an adorable Lita platform shoe to match.

Mia isn’t the only fashion lover in the freshman class, nor the only gender that deserves recognition for their unique dressing style and aesthetic.  

Freshman Athan Hillman finds comfort to be one of the most important things in fashion, while still keeping up with modern trends. 

“I’d say [my style] is more comfy casual, although I do still try to make the colors match,” Athan said. “Dressing up helps me to pop out.” 

Grey is Athan’s favorite color to wear due to its versatility in matching with other colors, so you will almost always find Athan in a grey article of clothing. 

“I usually pick out my outfit the night before,” Athan said. “It usually starts out with picking out random things and then matching them together.”

Freshman Katya Berjawi often sticks with the trends, however, she often likes to switch things up on occasion.

“I don’t really think I have a certain aesthetic because I like to switch things up a lot, but I’d mainly just say trendy,” Katya said.  

Katya doesn’t only like a nice outfit, she also enjoys accessorizing to add a bit of flair to each and every outfit.

“I switch my outfits up by accessorizing and adding layers to things rather than wearing the same outfit all the time,” Katya said. “I really like some of my earrings. They are probably the thing that stands out most of the time. I try to go for abstract looking [earrings] ones to make a plain outfit become a bit distinct.” 

Katya isn’t one to listen to the haters, she finds that it’s better to ignore those that don’t approve in the way she dresses. 

 “I don’t like to blend into the crowd, I like to stand out and be my own person.”

— Marissa Bertocchini

“I do try to step out of my comfort zone sometimes, which doesn’t always work out in my favor,” Katya said, “but it feels great when it does.” 

Freshman Marissa Bertocchini finds her individuality through the way she dresses; she often dresses in threads that represent different decades such as the 70’s and even the 80’s. 

“I like to stand out and be my own person, not just some stereotype or someone who looks like they don’t care,” Marissa said. “My favorite thing about the way I dress is that it catches people’s attention in a good way. People can look at me and I won’t feel embarrassed, but rather proud to look how I want to.” 

While Mia and Athan are a bit more cautious while dressing and sometimes feel self-conscious in some outfits, Marissa is fearless in the eyes of the freshman student body’s opinion.

“I don’t like to blend into the crowd, I like to stand out and be my own person,” Marissa said, “[I don’t want to be] just some stereotype or someone who looks like they don’t care.”