Thank you for listening


I try to speak, but no words come out. My brain gets flustered and overwhelmed when those words aren’t expressed. Stress—pressure that weighs down on me day by day—closes in until I feel as if I can no longer hang on.

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With one look, you read my poker face. You know me better than anyone else ever could. ”

The tears start to swell up in my eyes when no one will hear me—no one will listen. Then, like a light shining down on me, you’re there. You lift me up out of my dark spots just by simply listening to me. 

When no one hears me, I know you hear those forbidden words. With one look, you read my poker face. You know me better than anyone else ever could. 

Ever since I was little, you’ve helped me through every trouble, every obstacle I’ve had to avoid. Every stressful day and every tear-filled night, you have been there for me through it all.

Good days—and bad—I know that I can come to you whenever. You have taken care of me when I was sick and when I was crying. You have been there when I’m happy and when I’m upset. 

You are the only person I can go to for anything—comfort, excitement, reassurance—and I know you will listen. I know you will listen to my ranting and my rambling on for what feels like an epoch of endless days. 

In the toughest weeks of my life, you have reassured me when I’m in doubt, you have made me feel better when I was down, and you have wiped the tears from my eyes before they could even trickle down my face. Even when I have pushed you away with every “I hate you,” I always come back. I will always come back. 

Although you listen to me when times are tough, you are also there when things are going right. When something goes well or I do something exciting, you are the first person I tell, and I hope that never changes.

You listen without even trying when I talk for too long and when I go on and on about my daunting day. When I’m complaining or when I just need someone to talk to, you listen. 

I know I say it often and these words now sound dry and meaningless, but I love you, and I mean it. I repeat it over and over again because I never want you to forget, and I want you to know I’m grateful for you.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you for listening.