It’s just another day


Three seasons.

Three days.

A taste of the first season: summer

Saturday morning, I woke up with the sun, eager for the day to start and ready for the beginning of a new season to start. As the weather for the past week had been impeccable, I was ecstatic to see yet another sunny day.

Eighty-two degrees and sunny is my kind of weather; I love wearing skirts and jean shorts, tank tops and t-shirts, my face kissed by the sun’s joyous rays, and the freckles emerging from beneath my previously pale skin.

Another day in the sun, another day of complaining it’s too hot but being grateful for ice-cold drinks. Another day soaking up the warm refreshing breeze and longing for the days when this weather will stay consistent.

Walking outside and not wishing I was home curled up in my bed, driving with the top down in my friend’s Jeep, sitting outside on the patio at a restaurant to have my meal, and jumping off the edge of a boat into Lake Michigan.

Those are my favorite aspects of summer, and Saturday reminded me of all those feelings.

Dread of the second season: Spring

At the beginning of April, I was thrilled about spring, but when it feels like time is moving in reverse, waking up on a Sunday morning to pouring rain is quite disappointing.

Waking up at noon, 55 degrees and constant rain, knowing I will most likely spend my day inside watching TV.

But, I also find the rain productive. I think to myself:

Maybe the rain is a sign of a much-needed reset

Another day in the rain, another day of complaining that all my plans have been canceled, another day of take-out food and tortilla chips, another day hoping the rain will wash away my worries and blossom into the sun tomorrow.

A clean room, a season of my favorite show finished, loads of laundry, cold air blowing in through the slider, wearing shorts and a sweatshirt to go to bed.

Aspects of my day stuck out, perfectly curating the epitome of a rainy day.

Aspects of my day stuck out, perfectly curating the epitome of a rainy day.

The horror of the last season: Winter

Winter and Mondays correlate perfectly together in my mind, so the fact that I woke up to snow on my car windshield and goosebumps on my legs wasn’t particularly a surprise.

I had been watching the weather, I knew it was coming, yet a part of me hoped it wouldn’t, that the meteorologists were just pranking me.

But alas, I woke up to snow.

Another day of snow, another day complaining that I have to leave five minutes earlier to wipe the snow off my car, another day hoping the roads won’t be too bad when I leave school, another day of a cold car because it sat in the snow all night.

Sweatshirts and leggings, slippery roads, drinking hot coffee, and waking up on time to the chill in my room.

Three days.

Three seasons.

Three conflicting feelings.

The weather is moving in reverse, and I’m struggling to fight against it, patiently waiting for the day the weather finally aligns and I can be at peace once again. But for now, it’s just another day.