Seniors plan to stay in close quarters next year


Senior’s Abby Satterthwaite and Sophie Kovachevich who are rooming together next year at Michigan State University

Next year, the class of 2023 will go their separate ways, but seniors Abby Satterthwaite and Sophie Kovachevich plan on staying close in contact, literally.

The current seniors at FHC are coming to a point where it is time to make a decision for their futures, or at least what they’ll be doing a year from now. Abby decided she didn’t want to stray too far from home and her closest friends, and with that realization, she and Sophie decided to be roommates at Michigan State University next year.

“We both were kind of scared to have a roommate that we had never met before,” Abby said. “And we both agreed that we’re responsible and have good boundaries. I’d be scared to room with some of my other friends, but I think [Sophie and I] have pretty good boundaries so we [will] be good roommates.”

Abby and Sophie’s dynamic has grown over their past couple of years of friendship, and stepping into this new era together will blossom their relationship even further.

Having a familiar face is comforting when entering this new chapter, for Abby, it is exciting to extend her current friendships into college with some of her fellow classmates.

Many of Abby’s close group of friends are also attending Michigan State and that has her thrilled to go out with Sophie to meet up with their friends.

“I think just the fact that we both have kind of similar ideas of how much we’d like to go out and we would like to stay in,” Abby said, “and we already have some mutual friends, so I think it’d be fun to go out with friends with her.”

Although Abby was excited to go to MSU with Sophie, there was a moment that solidified their new relationship as roommates. Through all their memories together, one stood out to Abby, a time when she knew they would be good roommates.

“One time we had a sleepover together,” Abby said, “[and] it was a very bonding experience. We stayed up and it was already super late when we got home, maybe like one or two [in the morning], and then we stayed up until like four or five[in the morning] talking together; we talk every day, but it was just us and it was like very nice. I feel like we have pretty similar ideas of what we like and dislike.”

Similar to Abby and Sophie, seniors Mia Martin and Allie Beaumont decided to embark on their future journeys together as well.

They are also attending MSU next year, and after 7 years of friendship, Mia and Allie decided they would be great roommates as well. Like Abby, Mia also had a memory where she knew she and Allie would love living together.

“[At] cheer camp we were roommates for three days,” Mia said, “and it was a lot of fun. We were always messing around, we decorated our room crazy, [and] one of the nights we were up until four [in the morning]—even though we had to be up at seven— [and] we decided to rearrange our entire room and moved all the bunk beds to like one side and it was just like a lot of fun.”

“I’m excited to go to that part of my life with her, [and]  it’ll be a lot of fun to have someone [I know] in a completely new setting.”

— Mia Martin

Another group of soon-to-be FHC Alumni rooming together next year are seniors Jackson Waclawski, Tyler Poth, and Collin Oderkirk. When they all decided to go to Central Michigan University next year, rooming together seemed to be the perfect option.

“I mean Tyler and I are basically brothers,” Jackson said, “so we always knew if we went to the same college we’d be living together. Tyler and Collin already set up to live together before I committed, but overall I’m excited to be living with those guys.”

To establish such a close connection in high school and wanting to transfer that over to college is truly special, especially when close enough to room together. Through the ups and downs, these FHC seniors have a bright future ahead with some of their closest friends.

 “We’re similar, but also really different in ways,” Mia said, “and our different schedules will work well together because, [for example], I’m not a morning person and she’s not really a morning person, [so] I feel like that’ll work well. I’m excited to go to that part of my life with her, [and]  it’ll be a lot of fun to have someone [I know] in a completely new setting.”