Player Profile: Bryce Hysong


Name: Bryce Hysong

Grade: 11

Sport: Varsity Wrestling


3 fun facts about Bryce:

  • Loves watching sports
  • Moved from Utah
  • Runs cross country


What is your favorite part about the sport? 

“The people on the team all super fun. We are all very close which makes practice and our events way more enjoyable. The competitive aspect of wrestling is also a lot of fun because I am personally very competitive.”

Who has been a key part to the team?

“Caden Jacobs has consistently been one of the best wrestlers on the team and he is one of many leaders on the team.”

What is a tip for future wrestlers?

“In order to succeed, you need to work really hard, which pays off in the end because winning a match is ultimately a huge goal. Listen to the coaches as well, because they know the sport better than anyone.”

What was one of the team’s main goals coming into the season?

“15 dual wins was one of the main goals for this season. We have gotten some big wins and are looking positive for many of our goals.”