despite the magnitude of it all


not too long ago, we believed that the sun spun for us alone.


despite the multitudes of existence, 

the magnificent fabrics of life—


despite the magnitude of it all, 

we believed that we were the center,


that a star with such splendor 

orbited around us— 

for us. 


to be so sure–

to be so certain. 


how did it wane so quickly, 

that daring confidence? 


the sun was still there—always. 


but we weren’t, for we were too thin,

too stripped. 


we faded,

along with the belief 

that we were alone and 

that the sun orbited around us. 


just for us. 


the sun doesn’t even spin. 


how can you stand tall when 

your core is shattered?


how dare i cower on the grounds 

of the very place we believed in

not long ago. 


how dare i shrink beneath 

that towering star, 

the star that we once claimed our own. 


we once believed—

why can’t i?