FHC JV Tennis Dominates FHE

FHC JV Tennis Dominates FHE

It was just another day for the JV tennis team. FHC had home court advantage against rivals FHE. However, it was not the crowd that rallied the Rangers to their victory. It was apparent early on that FHC was the more skilled team. The dominance started early, with number one doubles, when junior Tyler George and freshman Advith Reddy put on a show and won their match 8-3. Advith had a special performance for the duo and was able to keep a solid mind set throughout the match.

“We always have to pounce on any opportunity we have to strike the ball,” Advith said. “We have to go with the same mindset every time. We’re always staying on our toes, and keeping our heads up if we lose a point.” 

The other half of the equation for one doubles is Tyler. Head coach Chris Tippett, who is a first year head coach at FHC, had  high praise for him.

“He’s one of my players that has never played before,” Chris said. “At the beginning of the season, he was playing middle of my lineup. Now, he’s playing at the very top.”

As for other powerful duos on the court, three doubles consists of sophomore Owen Thamban and freshman Jannis Jacobs. Their match was as close as it could get against FHE; however, Owen and Jannis were able to win the match in a tiebreak.

FHC was also anchored by six doubles, where first year tennis players juniors Jack Lorenz and Grant Bardelli were able to topple their opponents 8-3. Overall, FHC played some solid sets, and secured a victory early on. It was not easy for every Ranger though. FHC two doubles, headed by junior Alex Reed and freshman Ali Azeem, was on the losing end Thursday night. 

“We got down early and we tried to bring it back but we couldn’t,” Ali said.“I think we need to work on consistency. We need to make sure we don’t get rattled in pressure situations.”

It was all smiles for FHC by the end of the day, as they walked away with yet another win. As the season wraps up next week, many players on the JV team will now set their sights on making varsity next year.

“I barely got cut this season,” Ali said. “I’m trying to make sure I get it next year.”