COIN’s single, You Are the Traffic, opens new doors for a possible new sound

COINs single, You Are the Traffic, opens new doors for a possible new sound

Following their 14-song project, an album titled Dreamland, released in February, COIN continues their signature sound—while also delving into a completely new world—in their new single “You Are the Traffic.”

Highly anticipating their February album after I saw them in concert, where they played a sneak peek of one of my favorite singles, “Into My Arms,” there was no way of knowing that they would release a single just a few months after that. I had made peace with that fact—that there probably wouldn’t be anything new for at least a year—but as Taylor Swift sneakily released an album just six months after her previous, COIN promised a new song just twelve hours before it would stream on Spotify. 

And all I could do was just sit, wait for midnight, and speculate whether they would follow their signature indie-pop sound—heavy with synth, bass, and Lawrence’s dreamy vocals—or stray into different territory. Because, while it is normal for a group to explore different genres and instruments and sounds, it is a change that I, a girl who cannot stand unfamiliarity, am not fully accustomed to yet. 

Twenty minutes after the clock struck midnight, because I really did have to prepare myself for this unexpected single, I was overwhelmed with the catchy chorus that is impossible not to bob your head to. Similar to their more popular singles, such as “Crash my Car” and “Talk Too Much,” there is an undeniable upbeat feel to the song; the motivating melodies push the song forward, especially in the chorus. 

And while that same feel did continue in “You Are the Traffic,” there was a bit of a slower start to the song, and it almost strayed further into the world of bedroom-pop rather than indie-pop. With subdued guitars and drums and lethargic lyricism and vocals, “You Are the Traffic” sounded like a step into a possible new direction with their sound. 

Despite this change being simething I was completely unprepared for, it is welcomed, actually. There is not a single COIN song that I dislike, and “You Are the Traffic” proves that statement true as well. 

The perfect balance between a gentle stroll and an ecstasy-inducing run, their newest single checks all my personal boxes for a good song: an underlying bass-line, catchy chorus, and impactful lyricism. 

With a common theme of roads and, well, traffic, the lyrics tell a story of being stuck in the fast lane with the person you love. Lyrics like “and how come everyone is in the way except you? / and we’re frozen in the fast lane / where are we going?” depict those fleeting feelings of love, and how everything seems to slow when you are with that special person. 

Comparing this person to traffic throughout the song, the story-telling nature of the lyrics combined with the throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-just-vibe chorus created such a complex and, simply put, good single. 

With the newfound yet classic sound, “You Are the Traffic” opens new doors to COIN’s future in the music realm, and I will be anticipating their next album until they reveal the official release date.