Maybe it was a day dream, maybe not


A maybe.

A never supposed to happen.

A far-fetched possibility.

Like the whispers that dwindle in the air waiting to be heard. 

A nightmare? A day dream?

Dancing the fine line in my subconscious.

Somewhere between a minute and a lifetime, something changed. 

So far from possible, yet so close to reality. 

Fully prepared to erase my thoughts, I sat bracing for impact.

Yet here I am. Lost in the idea of “it’s too good to be true.”

Blinded by the seemingly harmless butterflies in front of me.

The difference between drowning and swimming.

Dancing the fine line in my subconscious, Somewhere between a minute and a lifetime.

Flying or falling.

Motioning and moving.

It’s the same as walking aimlessly in the dark. 

Grasping at the walls—that hold the stories I can’t explain— for support.  . 

I wait for the tightrope to break.

The sun to set.

The whispers to be heard. 

For reality to impend. 

But it never does.

And maybe it won’t, maybe…