Liam Payne’s online concert is the future for all artists


Liam Payne’s online Halloween concert was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Amidst the pandemic, artists still need to figure out how to make money, and one of their main ways of income is through performing for the public eye. 

If artists can’t do concerts they are simply dependent on selling their music; so what happens when an artist doesn’t have new music coming out any time soon? They put together a virtual concert for their fans.

This is Payne’s third time doing an online concert and the first one I watched. 

Just like a regular concert, Payne had opening acts to introduce the show. One of the opening acts was Tom Felton—actor and singer. I was super excited to hear what music Tom would be performing because I only knew a few of his songs; I was mostly excited to see and support him from hundreds of miles away.

Felton sang around three songs after two other singers performed.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed that none of the opening acts dressed up for Halloween. Although the songs were unfamiliar to me, I could imagine how excited the fans of each singer were that their idol got to perform despite COVID cancellations. 

Each opening act did a great job with not only the performance aspect, but also how they were willing to work with COVID precautions, not against them. At this point during the global pandemic it can be easy to forget about all the rules placed to keep us safe, but Payne and everyone else who made up the Halloween concert did a great job still putting content out for their fans.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, so I was glad that Payne put on a show for us since we would be sitting home alone on such an amazing holiday. When Payne came onto the stage I was wondering which of his songs he would perform—something I knew or a more underground song. 

I was pleasantly surprised when former band mate of One Direction sang a couple of their classic songs for the hardcore Directioners watching from home. I thought Payne did a great job of putting in his most famous songs, some older one direction songs, and also songs that were a little bit newer to bring publicity to his most recent work.

The show wasn’t very interactive for most fans, but I did like how there was a costume contest just like most Halloween parties would have, and I was very impressed by each costume that got entered. 

Overall, my friends and I had a super fun time watching Payne, Felton, and the other acts perform on Halloween night. It was a great way to still have fun events like concerts, but still stay as safe as possible.

I enjoyed Payne’s Veeps online concert so much that I bought a ticket to watch Felton’s online concert to celebrate nineteen years of the first Harry Potter film being released on November 14th. I am definitely going to look into more online concerts and events to pass the time and to support my favorite artists.