If I told you who we turned out to be would you be proud?


Are you proud of me?

All that I have accomplished.

Am I all you hoped I’d be?

Checking off our bucket list one by one.

You were so young then; now I have aged with time and matured with time. 

Attempting to grow wiser as the days pass.

Excitement used to be easier to find.

Were you happy then? 

Are you happy now?

If I could look back and tell you it’ll get better, would I be telling the truth?

Properly, I am happy. It’s true.

But I am also sad, and stressed, and scared.

But I have friends.

And honestly, that’s more than you can say.

Life is weird now;

We wear literal masks on top of our mental ones. 

I’d tell you all about it, but that’s a burden for another time. 

People have trudged in and out of our life, but we are still us. 

You’re a little more carefree, and I’m a little less motivated. 

We wear literal masks on top of our mental ones

But that’s still okay because we’re attempting to be better with each passing day. 

You proved them all wrong, and for that, I am proud of you.

But I still wonder if you are proud of me. 

If I am where you wanted me to be.

I hope so, but just in case I am not,

I promise to work harder.

Because I know you would be upset that you had to study for your 6th-grade rock test for hours just for me to fail chemistry. 

We’re in this together. 

You did well, and it’s my turn now.