Maddy Bachert finds her home in two different families


The hot, blazing sun beat down on sophomore Maddy Bachert as she marched. She was nearly out of breath as she blew into her flute. Her stuffy band uniform was certainly not cooling her down either. Then, she raced home, reeled around, and pulled into the gym just in time for another practice to start. She then had to do a plethora of workouts, but only after she stretched.

As severe as this may seem, Maddy thoroughly enjoys her jam-packed schedule.

Maddy got into gymnastics at the young age of six and practiced through the years to get to the point where she is now.

“When I was little, I did gymnastics just for fun,” Maddy said. “Last year, I started competing, and I really loved it, so now I’m doing high school gymnastics.”

She not only enjoys the sport of gymnastics, but also the strong bonds she has been able to form with her teammates.

“We definitely get closer because practices are longer,” Maddy said.

Conversely, marching band was introduced to Maddy eight years later by a family member.

Maddy’s cousin, Liza, introduced her to the idea of marching band when she was in middle school and urged her to join in when she arrived at FHC as a freshman.

“I was already in band, so I [thought] maybe I should try it. I ended up really loving it,” Maddy said.

Maddy loves marching band, from the marching drills to playing as a group at football games, but the ultimate highlight for her is the legendary band camp.

“You make so many memories,” said Maddy, who recalled a humorous recollection. “On the first day [of band camp], [when] drumline was coming in, someone dropped a base drum and broke it.’

Even COVID-19 didn’t restrain Maddy from being devoted to marching band. Even though the band only got to play for homecoming this year, Maddy was thankful they were able to do it at all.

Maddy looks ahead to her future band situation as well, with her goal of being a squad leader gradually coming closer within her reach.

Squad leaders help the underclassmen with playing notes and marching in a group of three or four. Since she doesn’t want the pressure of being a section leader but still wants to help the underclassman, being a squad leader is a happy medium.

Maddy can’t imagine giving up one for the other; she loves marching band and gymnastics equally.

“There’s pros and cons to both,” Maddy said. “I have friends from both. I don’t have better friends in one group.”

Even though marching band has a shorter practice time and occurs less often, Maddy is still able to bond with the other members. Maddy has gymnastics practice for longer periods of time and more frequently, so she is also able to befriend her teammates easily.

One way Maddy took time off to relax while still being with her teammates was attending a pool party where they were able to be together without the need to be concentrated on practice.

Through both of her extracurriculars, Maddy was definitely able to benefit socially.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Maddy said. “[Especially about] other people.”

Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day, so it is difficult for Maddy to balance school, gymnastics, and marching band.

Thankfully, she found a way to fit all her passions—including band and gymnastics—into her schedule.

“I did a different [gymnastics] team last year,” Maddy said. “It’s less practice hours [on the school team] and more time for other [things].”

However different the two may be, gymnastics and marching band have one thing in common: teamwork.

“[In band] we all have to be in step with each other,” Maddy said. “[In gymnastics], it’s definitely an individual sport, but you place as a team.”

No matter how difficult either may be at times, Maddy overall has gained from her experiences.

“They’re both fun and hard work; that’s basically it,” Maddy said.