Player Profile: Caitlin Murphy


Caitlin Murphy

Grade: 12

Sport: Field Hockey

Five things you didn’t know about Caitlin:

  1. She moved to Michigan from California.
  2. She had never heard of field hockey until the eighth grade.
  3. She wants to be an interventional radiologist.
  4. She went to Australia for two weeks to play field hockey with her team and participate in a foreign exchange “home stay” over the summer.
  5. She loves to cook.

Player’s Quote:

“I started playing field hockey in the ninth grade and immediately developed a passion for the sport. Throughout my four seasons on varsity, our team has always been a strong contender in the state playoffs. Though we are faced with several tough competitors, I believe we have a strong chance of making it to the state championship this year as our team is the strongest it has ever been.”

Coach’s Quote:

“She is without a doubt one of our toughest players. She’s always where she needs to be on the field and never backs away from a challenge. She’s a lead contributor on both ends of our penalty corners and never misses a beat. Her leadership is top notch and will definitely help guide our team in the state tournament.”

College Options:

Caitlin hopes to attend Michigan in the fall of next year.

Favorite Class:

AP Calculus

Favorite Book:

To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite Movie:

The Breakfast Club

Favorite Teacher:

Ms. Scobell

Favorite Play: